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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hottest Anime Guys

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I have recently watched this awsome show called gravitation!! its not normally the kind of anime i watch, but i just fell in love with it.

Shuichi and his band, Bad Luck, have been trying to get their debut; inspired by none other than Ryuichi Sakuma, the lead singer of the band, Nittle Grasper that disbanded three years ago. One fateful night of walking into the park, Shuichi runs into the cold-hearted famous romance novelist, Yuki Eiri. After that night, Shuichis perspective on life changed forever.

With much confusion concerning Shuichis sexuality, he finally discovers that he longs for Yuki. He is obsessed about him, thinking about the novelist time and time again in his head. It is just the pull of Gravitation.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

   Whoo hoo!!! its my birthday!!

Yay today is my b-day!!! i am finallly 15!!! I am getting Kingdom Hearts 2 for my present, as well as a chi iron!!! Yay!! i am so happy! :3

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

I just finished this series! it is so awsome!! you just have to check it out. Its called Full
Moon Wo Sagashite.

I have been watching this show for about a week now, there are 52 awsome episodes of this show. I have stayed up so late watching it, its that addicting! lol Here is a summary of the show!

Full Moon wo Sagashite is a based on manga with the same title by Tanaemura Arina. The story focuses on 12-years old Mitsuki who loves to sing and wants to become a singer. However she has a tumor on her throat, which might only be cured at the cost of her voice. Her time is running out because she has only one year before she loses her voice.

In order to realize her dream to become a singer, she transforms into a 16-years old girl with help of Shinigami (god of death from japanese mythology) and took a singing audition. Of course she passed the audition and starts singing. But her time is running out as she only has one year before she dies.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Its been so long since i have posted on this thing. But i think i am going to start again!! :D Oh, i almost forgot, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!! its only 2 more days until my birthday!! yay! i am so excited!! i am going to turn 15!! :D

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