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hi im a girl..i love anime... um ah ah ah... ahchoo. im a 11th grader soon to be 12th . please comment.im a hyper girl like naruto and momiji... please tell me who u if visut and wat u think.please.. i like gir. u can play w/ my kitty if u want opr fed her but tell me after u do please. ohoh i love candy... Mi favorits flowers (i no i cant spell for shit.. oh no i swar...) are red roses and lilaks.:) ^__^

Saturday, December 27, 2008

gir story part 4
omg im soooo sorry i have not doe a part 4 well here it is

mp(memeer i have not told u who it it):... me:hmmm Hi gaz(tahts how to spell her name right?)*bell rights and i crawl threw window* >>>ff threw school>>>> as i jump out the window zim stops me zim:hannah keep an eye on gir and ill see u 2 @ home(oh ya i live w/ them) i walk for a bit and i seee g ir,the bee,and minne moose(ok im gonna sa mm for minne moose)me:ok lets go to the techno place!!!!! we walk there then here a BOOM!!!! we turn to see

and end part 4 stay tunede to part 5

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

*sweat drop* gomen
*sweat drop* gomen. its been sooooooooooooo long since ve pmed srry bout tht. im still goining threw a depressing time in my life when i feel like a useless peace of shit and dnt feel the need to live anymore. the thought going threw my head are. y should i lve anymore im nothing no1 needs me in there life. i;ll never hve tht special someone. y is one of my friends being a jackass then call me a bitch for no reason. srry im crying while im typing this. *pauses for a sec* y do i hve this strange feeling that i never no what its like to love or brake up w. someone and to die alone never kboing the great feein of love. u does my own brother wnt me dead and continuessly remind my. y is my dad a evil,mean, non exepting, basterd, jackass contine to lie to me and not be execpting om me being bi. oh and the first words out of his mouth were "well hannah u hve alot of time to think about tht so dnt decide tht now." i couldnt say anything i hung up on him. he shoud be glad i even told him tht. *is breking more in tears* im srry again for brakeing into tears. so ill. pm again soon hopfully soon. ja-ne
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

well im b-day is like in wat 2 days from now. yay! well yet again something has happend. this yr one of by bffs is moving and got the house sold. *sigh* not again. well i wil tell u wat has happend

3 yrs ago. i spent my bday paking and moving for my mom to move to tennesse. AND found out she smoked. that was a big deal for me couse my mom was the last person i ever looked up to really.

2 yrs ago. my BFF from school moved. now u proply thinking well thats not so bad. well it is cause she was the person to drag me put of the darness. (that is a diff story i will be posting later on)

last yr. my grandma died 2 days before my b-day. and i was exreamly depresed cause no mater wat the bad situation was she would allways find a way to be happy. she never yelled. never mean to people.

and this yr the mother of my friend treated me like her own daughter before and after when my mom was not in my life. (yes my parents r devorsed) (sp?)

*sigh* wat bad thing will happen next yr.

well ya other then that ive been semi ok. well till next time


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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Herro! how is every1? srry i hvnt posted in like wat a month. im been feelin kinda down latly. i dnt no y. i hve been gettin yelled at latly 4 no reason by my teachers,parents,friends and others to. so i guess thts y ive feelin down so ya

cu again. well i will post again soon. bye 4 now!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

im back from da dance
im back from da dance. its was xtramely fun idk y im not the kinda girl to really like thous things. so ya im still in my dress to lazy to get up. its so troublesome. :P i sound like shikamaru. lol so ya it was fun thy played tons of rap. ewww rap music. they playd some rock! sadly thy played the barbie song and bye bye bye by nyinc. *shudders*. i had alot of mountin dew. i was extraly hyper. i danced 2 all the songs exept 2. go me! my feet r killin me. im sure i hve blisters on them.my feet r gonna be hurt in the mourning. if i spell anything wrong is becayuse im tierd. 2 guys were askin me to dance but i could tell thy were both doin it cause they were dared 2. *well thats wat i believe*anyway. i now they dnt mean it cause no one would wnt to be/ dance w/ me. omg this is the longest post i evr typed. um ya ow my feet. so ya it was the sellges dance. idk wat it is but it was simi foumal. so ja-ne
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