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HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! it is very nice to meet you! i wish to welcome you to me site! hope ya like it.

In memory of my dad...

Monday, February 4, 2008

   advice needed...majorly!
Heres my dilema. My boyfriend. He's really nice and everything but...he's not the best at being a BF. *proof of bad boyfriending* When my dad past away...i called him that day and told him....all he said was ok. he said it in that "ok now what should i do" voice of his. I was kinda hurt at how he reacted but....i dont know what else i could do. this was a month ago so....yeah.He's not very sentimental...or romantic. But there is just something i love about him...and i cant quite tell what it is though. *sigh* i wish there was more i could say. My dilema is....i dont know if i should stay with him. And if y'all say i should dump him...fair warning....i kinda cant. it feels like its humanly impossible for me to break it off with him. *sighs again* help me!!!!
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

hey ya'll. haven't posted in a while so ill do it now.

My year has kinda sucked so far....the major reason? My father past away on the third of this month. Yeah. Im doing fine with it though. so is my mom. Oh and that also kinda explains the song i put on my profile. He might not have liked that music but....its the perfect song so...yeah.

On the brighter side...im in musical now. So i dont have to be home by myself too much. which is good for some of such fragile mentality such as I.

Everything is going FARELY well with me and chris (my boyfriend). We have issues like everyone else but i think we'll get better pretty quickly. So far so good.

That's all really. Check out me profile (top of page) i gotst new stuff ^_^. ENJOY!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yes it's the new year and i hope all of y'all are having a wonderful one so far. If you have resolutions.....good luck with 'em. I have a wish for new years and also a couple resolutions myself. My wish......well...there are two parts to it. The first part is that I wish i would get a kiss from my boyfriend. The second....is that i hope we dont break up after he graduates this year. Thats all.


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Friday, December 14, 2007

welp i did it!!!
Ok my school was having try-outs for our musical this week and well...my boyfriend was nagging me about em so i tried out today. I was so scared...and he was there with me too (which i cant really tell if that made it worse or better *sweatdrop* hehe) But then wheni was finished i started bolting for the door and as soon as i passed him he said i did good. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around , smiled, and said thanks. hehe. I hope hope he's proud of me.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

   im the worst!!!
ok...anyone who goes to my schol and already knows the story and doesnt feel like cryin..i suggest you not read. For those of you who dont know...heres what happened today as to why i was crying. The ring that my boyfriend gave me...it broke today. yes it broke. I was/ have been feeling light-headed all day and well i was puting my things back into my bookbag, felt like i was gonna fall, ended up catching myself while shattering the ring into 5 (yes i counted) pieces. I felt soo bad! I was crying for a whole two periods (4/5 and 6). I was scared that he'd be mad at me..but he wasnt (thank god) but...and i know this seems too much to ask but....since he knew i was upset about me breaking his ring and he wasnt mad about it....i was on the verge of tears when i told him about it yet he didnt do much of anything to comfort me...no hug no holding my hand no lifting my chin to look me in the ye and say "everything is alright"...nothing. But...like i said it must be too much to ask. so yeah....thats why i was crying today.

On the bright side...i FINALLY got to see PotC3!! *applause and happy dance* hehe. Now i am either gonna be dreaming of orlando Bloom (dont care what y'all say...he is the cutest!!), speaking in a british accent, or wishing that my boyfriend would do atleast SOME of the things Will Turner does in the movie (in other words....confess his love and kiss me ^_^ hehe). So yeah....great movie by the way..i recomend you guys see it!


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