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Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Hey all!!!! How r u doing? Thnx for visiting my site!! My name's Paulina and i'm from cyprus. I've been an anime fan since 2004-2005 maybe. Some of the anime i've watched are Inuyasha, Chobits, Fruits Basket, Haibane Renmei, Wolf's Rain(wich i loved coz i'm madly in love with wolves)and many others. still trying to finish naruto and bleach. I really like making friends so please feel free to PM me anytime. ^__^ its the first time i have my own site and Moon Fangs is helping me making it look prettier ^__^ thnx so much for helping me moon-san ^__^
also i am moderator in Angel Leila's club. If you want to be member sign gestbook there


Heyaz all!!! Sup???

Sorry that i havent been on here again for a long time!!! alot of things happened during summer vacation. i'll try not to make this post to long or to boring ^__^

well firstly i had a great time with my friends at that hotel appartement place we went!!! we went out to clubs every night since we were staying near the city of great nightlife which my country, Cyprus, is kinda famous of about! Its called Aya Napa! if u like clubbing u should defenetly go there its great and i'm willing to let u guys stay at my place if u would like ^__^ umm we ended up staying for a week. One of those nights we went out clubbing at 3 am and came back around 7 am or so and we were so full of energy that me and my best friend went in the hotels pool with our underwear XP it was really funny XP

a few days later when i came back home i went camping for 3 days with my cousin and some of her friends. me and 2 guys, one a couple of years younger than me and the other one 1 year older than me, started getting along almost immitiatly!! they were so fun to be with! but after that we didnt get together again and lost contact T_T

what else happened this summer...? oh yeah one of my cousins gave birth to a girl!!! she is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! her husband is half japanese and the baby looks half japanese also which i'm really happy about!! ^_^

i ended up going to college this year after a huge fight with all of my family (grandparents mostly). i'm studing secretarial studies which is not to hard but it really sucks some times but i'll get over it XP there's this one guy from my college that keeps looking at me all the time when i'm at the cafeteria. yesterday i was hanging out at the cafeteria with a friend of mine and he was hanging out with his friends across us and then a guy that he knows(and my friend knows) came to say "hello" to us he immitiatly got up and came over to greet his friend and pulled out a chair and brought it next to me to sit when there was plenty of room next to my friend. XP my friend says he defenetly likes me and i think so 2! lol well he is kinda cute XP

well anw dont want to bore u guys anymore with my post!!! how have u guys been doing??? sorry that i wasnt able to visit ur sites this last couple of months! i'll try to do my best visiting this week and over the weekend if my college work isnt so much!! god i hate college lol XP well hope u guys are fine and having fun!! well cya and take care!! love ya lots! *hugs* ^_^
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