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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

   Go Check out my friend animeseeker417 myotaku site!^^
Hi everyone!^_^
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...
I was up watching Everybody Loves Raymond!^_^ It's so funny! Plus I've been spending time with my family^^

Also, I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving!^^ Hope you enjoy your thanksgivings!

Today in Language my teacher, instead of writing wht we were thankful for, we wrote what we were no thankful for^_^ It was cool!

Quiz of the day:
What are you not thankful for???

Here is something for you!^_^ Let me know if you need the html code for it!^^

Also, I have something new! It's Called Pic of the Day! YAY^_^

Pic of the Day:

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