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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stoopid poohead people getting on at the same time I do...>.< I am so friggin' ....Grr ..gr.gr..
Oh well..I will just have to get a cable modem thingy like damion said..Thank you Damion for clearing it up for me^_^ me is very happy I didn't throw away or sell my computer.
I have something cool for you guys. It's a story that I'm working on...not a fanfic, a story.. yeah. Well, here it is...


"Birds, they seem so free." A pretty girl maybe 17 or 18 looked out her bedroom window. She turned quickly from it, because the voice of her mother startled her."Kitty? Are you up yet? It's time to start your chores" And hesitantly with a sigh, she replied. She despised chores, and today,in particular, didn't feel like doing them. As she made her way downstairs, she began to remember....It had been about three years since her salvation, the one who she has talked to for years on end over the internet, since she and him had met. She and him...have a relationship. and that night that the relationship started, he really was her salvation. She knew in her heart that she loved him, and every passing moment never passed completely passed unless he was thought of. This salvation, she preferred to call Gir, had been with her through thick and thin. When she was sad, it was this person she looked to for sympathy. Youmight could say that they were just two wounded dogs who had met by happenstance. He was the only one who she didn't want to let go of, the only one who bound her to this world, and kept her from taking her own life. As she finished with her laundry, she brushed back her wavy, blond-highlighted brown hair.....She had always wished it was black..she believed it would match her personality more. "Mother, I'll finish my chores before you get home from work, I have to say good morning to Gir." She sat at the computer chair, and began to get online. She knew her mother would get upset, but...She heard her mother's voice from the back room, "you good for nothing child! You better be happy I don't disown you! All you ever do is get on that damn computer! Blah!! Blah! blah blah....her words faded away as the number was dialed, and the whole room filled with the comforting connection sounds that she knew so well....

So, how did you guys like it? Please comment if you get a chance...Catch ya later.

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