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Thursday, April 30, 2009

   my life
my life is okay my emotions are crapy mostly my love emotions and its hard to say I have feelings for the same guy I already went out with =/ but things happen in life and Ik that nothing will get in my way I will just hang in there but I'm happy most of time ;D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

my winter break is at the point its over and i had fun and now I'm off to school =[ back to doing homework everyday =[ this sucks but in a way I'm happy to be going back so I can See my FRIENDS =3

Friday, April 20, 2007

   Story by:Me
The Return of the Deadly Sins

A warm gentle breeze flowing across Resembool. There lives the Rockbells, they own their own Automail shop. Staying there with them are The Elric brothers, the older brother, Edward Elric with an arm and a leg of automail. The younger brother Alphonse Elric with a body of armor. When Edward and Alphonse were little their mother had die from an illness six years ago and now the elric brother are staying with the Rockbells. Also, living with them is Edward’s girlfriend Chrissy. They are State Alchemist, meaning they work under the military. So there adventure begins.
“Edward... Edward; grandmother do you know were he is? I was gonna give his automail a tune up.” Wriny asks.
“He and Chrissy are down by the river.” Pinko tells Wriny while cleaning.
Meanwhile, the river shining from the sun glare Ed and Chrissy sitting side by side holding hands.
“I remember sitting like this before” Chrissy said.
“Yeah but it’s been awhile though.” Ed said to her.
“yeah” she said with a smile on her face.
“there you are I was looking for you everywhere” Wriny complains to Edward.
“ what for” Edward also complains to her.
“ I wanted to give your automail a tune up is that alright with you”
“ yeah” Edward said's
“ ok then lets go before it gets dark” Wriny said.
So Ed,Wriny, and Chrissy head back to the house. Meanwhile, at Central; Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye talk about the mission they give to the Elric brothers and Chrissy.
“Should I call him for you Roy?” Riza ask him.
“no... no its ok I’ ll call them.” Roy Answer Riza
“ are you are we should give them this mission Sir?”
“ yes I’m sure” Roy told Riza while he was getting ready to call.
The sunset has set over Resembool, after Wriny fix Ed and Chrissy’s automail and until the phone started to ring.
“ hello” Wriny said into the phone.
“ This is Roy is Edward there” Roy asked Wriny.
“ yeah hold on... Ed, Roys on the phone for you” Wriny told Ed.
“ hello”
“ Edward are you willing to do a mission for me, you and Chrissy can do it together.” Roy tells Edward.
“What's the mission” Edward complains and takes the phone to Chrissy so she can hear.
“ I need both of you to travel to a town called Xenotime.” Roy said
“ I remember that place why are we going there for.” Ed tells Roy
“ there has been attacks there I need you two to investigate what's going on.” Roy explains.
“ Good luck Edward, and Chrissy goodbye”
“ bye” Edward and Chrissy said together
“ you been their before” Chrissy asked.
“yeah Al and I did’” Edward answer her
“ and we meet those brothers” Alphonse added on.
So the next day, the wind blowing a beautiful breeze they said their goodbyes, so Ed, Al, and Chrissy were off too the train station.
“ we finally made it” Edward complain while Chrissy was laughing.
“ brother, we need to buy train tickets.” Al explain
“ yeah we better” Edward said
So they got tickets and got on the train for Xenotime. They spent two days on the train until they finally got there.
“ man... I’m so glad that we made it here.” Ed said's
“ brother it was not all bad.” Al says calmly to Ed.
“ lets see if Elicia here and the brothers.” Al added
“ yeah we should” Ed says.
So Ed, Al, and Chrissy were off to find the brothers that they meet in Xenotime before. The older brother, Russel and the younger brother Fletcher. They walk though the town Ed and Chrissy holding hands and Al walking beside.
“ is this it brother” Al said to Ed
“ I think lets see.”
So Ed knock and someone answer
“ hello” Said Elicia Uncle.
Elicia Uncle is the man they stayed with in the first time Xenotime.
“ I remember you two.” Elicia Uncle said to Ed
“ yeah” Ed said
“ and you haven’t grown either.” he said with a smiling face on his face to Edward
“ Thanks” Edward says with a mad voice and while Chrissy started to laugh “ is Russel and Fletcher here.”
“ yeah come in” He answer to Ed
So Ed, Al, and Chrissy walk in and they see Russel and Fletcher talking to one another.
“ You guys have visitors.” Elicia Uncle told them
“ it’s Ed and Al” Fletcher said
“ what are you guys doing here.” Russel asked them.
“ We heard rumors that has been some attacks here” Ed explain to Russel
“ that's true these weird people came and attack some of the people and children, and one of ate a child.” Russel told them.
“ is Elicia alright” Alphonse had asked.
“ yeah she home with her father.” Russel told Al.
So later that night they stayed with them and Ed, Al, and Chrissy started to talk about the attacks.
“ Russel said something about people attacking them, brother do you think its the homunculus again?”Alphonse respond
“ I think so Al, one that eats people oh yeah that's them alright.” Ed answer Al.
“ what should we do Ed they want something.” Chrissy told Ed
“ we have to find them no matter what we have to stop them so they can’t do more harm to this town.” Ed answer.
So the next day Ed, Al, Chrissy, Russel, and Fletcher went into the town to investigated.
Meanwhile, at the hideout where the homunculus are hiding out.
“ Lust do you think the FullMetalpipsqueak found out that we are back?” Envy asked Lust.
“ just you wait Envy he’ll find out, we’ll attack tonight.” Lust explain
Later that day Russel forgot to tell Ed something about the attacks
“ hey Ed” Russel said with a smiling face on his face
“ what”
“ I almost forgot to tell you they only attack at night”
“ now you tell me” Ed said with a angry voice that everyone in town could hear.
“ easy brother” Al told Ed while Ed was still mad.
So later that night around ten the wind was blowing while everyone was closing up the stores and heading home Lust, Envy, and Gluttony started the attack, Alphonse hear the people screaming.
“ it’s time lets go” Russel said to everyone in the room.
Ed, Al, Chrissy, Russel, and Fletcher ran outside.
“ Envy!” Ed yells.
“ oh look its the pip-squeak he found us” Envy said's
“ Shut up, why are you guys doing this” Ed asked
“ to get revenged for you have done to us” Envy explain
“ he did nothing to you” Chrissy added on
“ your wrong very wrong” Envy said until he attack her.
“ Chrissy” Ed yells out
“ I’m alright Ed” Chrissy said to Ed
“ Hahahahaha what was that.” Envy said while laughing.
So Chrissy stood up the best she could her and Ed fought together to be the homunculus.
“ you can do it brother” Alphonse Cheered
“ yeah we can” Ed said
“ come and bring your best shot.” Envy said while getting ready to fight.
So Ed clap his hands and turn his automail into a blade, then Chrissy clap her hands and made a sword from a metal pipe that was lying there on the ground. The weather was cold, the sunrise was coming up and the battle began. Ed stuck first.
“ Haha miss” Envy said with a smile on his face. Then coming from behind Chrissy stike him.
“ you got him” Fletcher said with a cheer
“ not for long little boy.” Lust said behind Fletcher
“ Fletcher no!” Russel yelled until Alphonse came running to help.
“ why hello still Searching I see” Lust told Al
“ shut up” Al said while he hit her
“ STOP!” someone said
“ what the hell who said that?” Edward complained
Until Roy came and said
“ well I see you found the problem” Roy said with a happy look on his face
“ Shut up Roy... why are you here anyway?” Ed asked him.
“ I decide to help”
“ fine”
So Roy the Flame Alchemist snapped his fingers and set the three deadly sins on fire.
“ Do it you two” Roy yelled out
So Ed took his blade and stab Envy and while Chrissy took her sword and slice Lust and Gluttony at the same time.
“ Did they do it” Russel said
“ I think they did it” Roy told Russel.
So after Ed pull out his blade and Chrissy pull out her sword and the three deadly sins disappear into tin air.
“ thank god they are gone.” Ed said to chrissy
“ yeah” she said back
So after they said their goodbyes the next day to the brothers and the Elric brother and Chrissy head for home, and Roy, and Riza head back to central.
“Human kind cannot gain anything with out first giving something in return, to obtain something equal value must be lost, that’s alchemy first law of equivalent exchange, in those days they believe that to the worlds one and only truth” that’s what the Elric brothers believe, and they continued searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.