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Monday, August 28, 2006


HEEEEY! Well, my best friend just had her birthday (hoooraaay!) and we had so much fun celebrating! We saw hobo pirates, went to a costume shop (random?), got creeped out by the dollar store man, watched The Producers (TONY TONY TONY!) AND The Labyrith (which is the best movie in the world because David Bowie stars as a magic goblin king), watched Ouran High School Host Club (I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! HOORAY FOR OURAN!), and played Dead or Alive because we needed to get more costumes...especially for scuba-man. Wow, too much laughter. Wait...you can never have too much laughter!! HAHAHAHA!

Random Quote: "I move the stars for NO ONE!" SWOOSH *falls off edge and walk upsidedown for a bit...THEN COMES POPPING BACK UP LIKE A KEN DOLL!* Lex, you totally know ^_^

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