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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


-Backroom-Gueboo-Sceboo-Quiz Results-Wanna be friends?-Wanna chat?-

Hilo! AnimeFever-chan got tenten bangs! O_o To tell the truth, she never really intended to cut her bangs that short, but it somehow ended up like that....now all AnimeFever-chan has to do is let it grow. *sigh*...why the heck did she just talk about her bangs...

Anyhow, AnimeFever-chan is still poopified since the weekends. There were three parties and a wedding to go to. *sigh* AnimeFever-chan never felt so exhausted...

BUT! Animefever-chan won't fall! AnimeFever-chan is tough like a brick wall! Grrrrrrrrr!

Oh, AnimeFever-chan has a friend on Fanfiction.net (at least, AnimeFever-chan think her friend does...) that writes great stories! Her friend is working on a total shonen story right now, so once she has it ready, AnimeFever-chan suggests you go see it, becaue it's really good. This was just a reminder...

AnimeFever-chan just came to say hi, and now if you'll excuse her, she must now go make some yakisoba and go drown herself in some anime!

-How many 'AnimeFever-chan' can you find in this post?

( Speak in third person when commenting XD)
(Don't I have mad third-person speaking skills XD lol)

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