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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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Hei :D

Yesterday I found a birdie-san in front of my house's driveway. I walked up to it, but it didn't move. Usually birds fly away from you right? Well, this one didnt...But it did try to walk away...um, it actually limped D: Poor birdie-san. When I came back from skool it was still there, so I tried to feed it pieces of bread, but it wouldnt eat...O_O My dad came and he put it in a box and gave it rice but birdie-san wouldnt eat that either...I felt bad for it and we didnt know wat to do, my dad and me...*sigh* The left wing was twisted and it couldnt fly, and we were worried cuz once in a while a cat-san would sneak around the cul-de-sac where we live >_<'' Eventually aminal control came and took birdie-san away...have you ever found an aminal outside and took care of it for a while?

Ahh, but on a happier note I found out that Kamichama karin is going to have an anime series! yay! lol It isnt a very well-known manga, just another shojo manga thats pretty good ^ ^ But I still think it's good.

Kay. Cyu later then ^ ^

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Saturday, May 5, 2007


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Hello Everyone ^ ^ Wushup?

Yesterday, I was wash bored so I made myself a cosplay costume! Lately I've gotten a hobby for finding pieces of clothes, and making cosplay costumes out of them...so far I've only put together two or thtree costumes ^ ^ One ish of tenten, and another is of the female character for pokemon diamond and pearl. The third one is still in progress, and i have no idea wt the costumes is based on...O_O Do you have any cosplay costumes?

oh! And the manga I was soon going to post up is called YUKIMI DAIFUKU! It's like....how do i put this...a one-shot shojo manga. YUKIMI DAIFUKU means mochi! Do you eat mochi? Do you know wat mochi is? Its really yummy ^ ^ Its something like this thing!

Have you seen this stuff? You should while watching naruto, i think. ^ ^ You can find this stuff at chinese supermarkets XP

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Thursday, May 3, 2007


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My gosh I'm alive! O.O OMG Im alive!!! And I got to change my site ^ ^ lol Em, I'm alive!!!! O.O I'm surprised...*sigh* I'm really sorry I was gone so long that I didnt visit chu guys!!! T.T

Ehm, lemme see...I'm gonna start posting up a manga i made, so plz go see it when it cums up. I want to see wat I need to improve in by having all of you look at it. ^ ^ ''

Amo...I cant think of anything to say!!! TT.TT Ive been gone so long and i dunno wat to say!!!! Ack....You know wat, I 'm gunna go visit all of you!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007


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Hilo. How is everyone? Geez I'm tired....*yawn* Neh, buts thats wat i get for posting at midnight, lol....=]

Hey pplz, do you mind visiting my friend moon-dumpling? You see, shes been thru alot of stuff lately, so i'm worried she's feeling gloomy...I visited her a week ago, and she seemed like she was doing good, but see her parents are divorced, and her mum is getting married to sum dood in exactly a month. The mum and the dood havent even been dating for more than a year, so she really rushed into things...eh, but wat do i know. But still, do you mind visiting her to at least sign her GB or something? That would be really apreciated. =]

Also, yesterday, I meh skool had a bake sale. It wasnt much tho...those things arent any fun, to tell the truth...anyway, i had nothing to do so i was doodling my manga, and my classmate was doing stuff on her cell. So i looked at the piccus on her cell, and alll of a sudden my friend on my side was telling me to explain how tall her neighbor was to some other pplz. So stood up on my chair, telling the pplz how tall her neighbor was, but that was a bad idea cuz i fell, and now i have a friken boo-boo on my leg DX lol then my friend on the side whisperd "y know...you shouldnt have done that, cuz ppl are watchin" I said "oh shitz......well that sux balls...feh. w/e" lol i kinda thought that moment was funny. Yea i just felt like talking about that :P Plz excuse my randum stories....

Oh yea, and i might change my theme to TEAM GAI! =D Its seems fun to do, lol. If it dusnt work out i'll change it back to Disgaea, tho ive had this on for a long time now....i think o_0

REMINDER: I'm busy next week, so if i dont cum visit you, im really sorry bout that T.T I'll try to tho. You c, I have those SAT middle skool ma-bobbers that i have to take, so i'm stuck studying. I have to get above-average, otherwise, no more computer for me! O_O We dont want that now do we....

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Friday, April 20, 2007


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Sup pplz of mine? =P Lol I hope everybody's doing well. And I finally think i have an idea on how to send in fanart and w/e, so yay =]

Today, i was watching my classmates c-walk in gym. i dont get how you do that....ish so funny lookin tho [=You know wat c-walkin is? Its crippin! lol...so funny lookin....

Meh, Im totally wired cuz of my math test tomorrow.....Im no good at math.....meh, w/e....=\

Next week im frikin packed doods! So Im sorry if I dont come visit...=[

1) Stanford w/e crappy testings....y know the ones where you fill in the bubbles? but for middle skool....feh.

2) Skool play. i'ma magician-physicic-person-bob-watever! lol

3) Skool dance on friday...can ju believe dis is da first one for my skool?! yea my skool is cheap-cheap...very frugal really.....and its not a surprise, since its an azn skool!

I'll come visit everyone right now!!

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Saturday, April 7, 2007


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Hallo! *sigh* I still can't really get my drawings to go through to TheO....I guess I'll just post it up here....if thats allowed....meh....I'll put it up at the end of the post. I needs a ton-o-feedback, cuz I get the feeeling that I'm doing everything wrong...

Hn...later I gots chinese tutoring. It doesn't suck as much if you consider about half of the time playing ping pong....lol. You play ping pong? And my teacher is like around 60, and geez does she play hard! It's like she starts out really easy on you, then bang! You see a friken hole behind you!!! XD Well, not really, but she hits hard....lol

Happy Early Easter! Is Easter tomorrow? I forgots....

Done in Prismacolor and a color blender! But my coloring is still horrible...XD

I'll come visit people when tutoring is over! :P

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Friday, April 6, 2007


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Myaa...don't feel like changing my theme no more....X3

I'm on my spring break now, so woop-di-flippin-do. well, actually tomorrow, but w/e...today meh class is getting a party to celebrate easter, cuz we feel like killing time. Ima supposed to bring sushi, and we gots ice cream to kill the afternoon with, myaa....

-----*skip this part if you don't wanna hear meh ranting*-----

I dunno why, but I always end up choosing the worst ppl to be friends with at skool...DX I'm really pissed at meh friend...she's being a real bitch and stuff and stuff...y' know, the typical back-stabbing kinda person....and the rest of my 'friends' follow her, so I'm pretty much left with no one to hang out with. Just because I made one stupid joke of a comment about her, while she makes a bagillion comments about me and other ppl, she thinks i'ma real bastard for it, and ignored me the whole day...D=< Well, screw her!! She's a beepin beeper of a beep, and sprinkled with beepin beepers to top it off! Graaaghh!! *sigh* yea, I think I'm done now.

----End of my ranting! Thank gawd neh? I rant too much...----

Lemme see....mh, myaa I can't think of stuff to write...myaa...

1) What's your favorite Anime song(s)?

2) What's a song that you can't really get outta your head?

3) What's your favorite songs(s) other tahn from anime?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


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Halloz ppl. Hmm...watta talk bout first....oh! Two days ago, I had to go hiking meh mom, kidbro, and a friend of meh mom and kids. I really didnt have anything else to do, and I was told that I HAD to go. And so I went. I thoiught it would take about an hour....but we got lost at some point cuz we were supposed to reach some waterfall, and it wounded up taking another hour to get back to the starting point...so I hiked for two hours, and I couldnt feel my legs after having to be pulled by my kid bro and little friends across piles of rock and jump past streams. Meh.

Also, I hafta do a monologue at skool. I already have three. But I dunno, they seem pretty short....I chose sum from bleach, naruto, and full metal alchemist....but i get the feeling that i'll just confuse my class give them another reason to think of me as wierd...XD

Heehee, lol. And now I get the feeling that I HAVE to change my theme...I dunno.

I think I'll go visit ppl's sites....bye bye!

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Monday, March 26, 2007


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Hi pplz.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to send in fanart...Cuz yesterday, I felt like sending a pic in, but when i scanned it, the comp said it was 2.3 MB. Iwas like wat the fudgin hell?! So i tried resizing it, but it still wont help >.< gragh...maybe i'll try in a little bit...but i still get the feeling it wont work out...yargh....

*looks out window* ....for some reason, I think its going to rain, nya...do you like the rain? I do sometimes...

Tonight, my class is coming back from the NY, since they left five days ago. Crap, that means I have to go back to skool tomorrow...ack. ah, well.

1) Wats your favorite season?

2) Look it, a prinny!

I wonder why i posted....i guess i'll go doodle...later

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


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Hello pplz. *yawnz*

Today, my kid bro has a spelling bee at skool. You wanna know wat he said this morning? He said:

"But mami (mom)! I'm too fat to go to a spelling bee!! >.<"

...I have no idea wat that means...my mom cracked up when she said that to me....well, i probably do know what that means, but I'm not sure....

I also got my penpal a few days ago. Her name is...wawazzit? Um, oh! Kana Imanishi. I was so happy AND worried at the same time when I heard her name. You see, in my manga I made up a character with the same name. Kana Imanishi. O_O THen I thought that this was like that movie. Wazzit called....Stranger Than Fiction. I was like WTF?! Then the teach said that Kana was 14 yrs. old. Then I was relieved, cuz my character is just 13 yrs. old....Gwad, but that creeped me out. I was running thoughts in my head like 'Crap! If I make my character drink soda, then Kana is drinking soda? If my character robs a store, Kana robs a store?! If my character was cutting her wrist, then Kana would be trying to kill herself right now?!! 0.o' *huf, huf, huff* gragh....oh, and is Nara City under Kyoto or somethin? Cuz thats where she lives...

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