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Hello everyone. I got the color back into this site. Feel free to wander around and check out the art. But sign the GBook, cause I would love to know you were here. DragonBall/Z/GT Rules all!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

my friends, my fans, my loves...
oh..that was weird...
i will post kool new pics, and about the double pic thing with the yura of the hair thing...yeah...we had the same refrence...
please post all 'i am so awesome' messages to magicpencil...
hope to see ya there my fans!!!

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

but the people who aren't ametures really have kick ass drawings that blow me away. keep it up dirtbags!

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   hello again
i have not been here for a long time. but i have acheved many things. i know how to play guitar, and am a 2 level master of inuyasha, succesfully bought 1-12 manga books, have a whole new level of drawing, and i have a band, started writing a story that has reached 35 pages.
i haveto say though, the level of drawing has gone down so much scince i first got here. the amitures are taking over theotaku. im not saying don't draw, just draw better.
oh, yeah, how could i forget? i got a new attitude too.
get near me, i'll kill you

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

a vast internet at my fingertips and theres nothing to do.
that about sums up my summer so far.
I have been drawing my own origional artwork ,but nothing has been good enough to post.
for those who can still hear me, and know i am still out there, i am happy i am not toatlly forgotten.
i have been in communication with on eo f my old friends and we have had many good conversations.
it is good to revisit an old friend.
the babies are growing and we have decided to give the smallest bird to my grandmother.
she is lonely and needs a good friend.
people won't work , so we've had to settle for animals.
things are just going slow for me right now.
though i am pround to say, i am one comic book away from owning the first ten manga books of Inuyasha. ti has gotten really good so far, and the weird voices in the episodes i can live with.
besides that, i am happy the summer is closing because i am egar to start school school.
not the boring summer school i keep finding my way back to every single day.
more exactly, i am egar to be int he chior. i want to sing besides my sister, because we sound really good together.
but i am afraid that we fight too much,.
i have no idea why, so im gonna call up Dr.Laura in a hindu accent and bitch to her.
i hate Dr.Laura. she's a hipocrit.
no apologies to anyone i have offended.
well, see ya till then.

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