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The name's Tina
Punk Rockin Anime Freak for life.
I can be nice, but once you piss me off i will fuckin kill you.
Yup, im asian, be jealous its okay.
Im very random
Very Stubborn
And extremely perverted 8D.
I can be Cocky at times but yea overall, im just plain awesome.
I tend to stay home and play Video Games all day, im some what Anti-Social =].
Dont like me? then you can go Fuck a donut and get a life.
Dont add me if your not gonna communicate, cuz it pisses me off.
Im attracted to hot Japanese girls like my princess.
If ya has a problem with that, then you can fuck yourself in the ass cuz i dont give a fuck ;D

This be me =]
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

sorry I havn't been on here much,
I've moved to deviantART =]
I go on there alot so, yea there are some art pieces on there that arn't on here, go check em out if you want
at www.animewolf94.deviantart.com

I'll check up on here, every once in a while to see some new art and what-not but mainly I'll be on deviantART

c-ya guys around later!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

   We broke up
I regret not listening to what my friends told me about her in the beginning,
but I don't regret what once made me smile.
I still love her like I did before, but the thing is, it's like she doesn't care anymore.
I continue to fake my smile, act like everything is fine...
because I don't want anymore hurt..

I feel so played, it aint even funny.
I guess my friends where right.

That was all on Christmas day too..
Doesn't my life suck? =]

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   dancin in a winter wonderland.
i have to stop my doing my free time activities, because mom said so.
to all those whom i am to do trades and requests for/with, i apologize. it will be a while until i can get them to you, please bare with the wait for the time being.


"you make me smile ;D"
"how did i do that baby?"
"all of you"
"so basically im the reason why you smile everyday?"


"i dont want to take things you like away from you."
"then stay with me forever k ?"
"if you leave me then your taking the most important thing that i like in my life."

my christmas wish list
-to be with her
-to see her
-to spend time with her
-to hold her
-to kiss her

if only someone can grant me my christmas wishes...it'll be the best christmas ever,
i love you princess.

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