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Sunday, September 7, 2008

   Its been a while
So. I'm alive.

Sort of.

I just have been inactive and all my friends have been all like "anime kitten what a loser she doesn't show up anymore"

Right? lol

But I"m here! I actually visited someone yesterday, but forgot to leave a post. I wonder why...

But I'm going to try and hang out a little more. I've made a few wallpapers and would like to submit them.

However, with all this new stuff I can't seem to find a way to do so. Help? lol

Hope you all have been doing well. Drop me a comment if you still want to be friends and I'll try to keep up with you all.

Love and hugs!


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   Ah! Update!
I officially have tendonitis (whoopee) and have been wearing this brace since then and I have to go through therapy to fix it so I havent been able to type, draw, write, ANYTHING!!! Its sooooooooooooo depressing, so I just thought I'd stop by and at least let you all know Im still alive.

I may or may not get to sites-- we have a huge marching band performance today and I have to go early for a sectional...

I've been trying to keep up with mangas, and fanart if I get the time...... let me know if theres something you want me to comment on :)

And that's all cuz typing is getting to be a pain, literally and figuratively... All tho I'll say for Koneako-chan (and any others) that I've been reading Ouran High School Host Club and love it! So you have another convert XD

So ttyl all! Sorry for my long absences >.< Hope you're all doing well!!!


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Art

Present For Koii-chan

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

My early birthday present for Koii-chan!

Please comment guys!!! And I might have more doodles up later that I did before my hand got really bad :)

AND: I was ready to color my entry for Ringo Akai's contest (which is long over by now, whoops) and when I went to look for it- IT WAS GONE! Its not in my folder, which means when my folder got spilled all over the floor, it must have evaded me. How sad! So I'll re-do it, ok? Even though the contest is over >^^< Have a great day all!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

   Hey all
Back again for a quick update that will probably seem rather pointless:

I'm sick. Like, pressure in my head (mum sez its sinuses >.<) constant stuffy nose and coughing. Its pretty nasty.

So school today was a drag. I didn't get like any of my homework done. Plus I had PE.

So Ima run take a nappie before dinner- if I can I'll try to get to sites tonight... If not I'm pretty sure I'll get to them tomorrow, cuz I should be a little better by then!

Hope you all are feeling better than I am.... byes for now

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ok I'm back for like ten minutes! I may or may not be able to make sites today- if I do, all comments will be short! I have this annoying brace on for my hand, so I cant do much.....

I went to the first Symphony concert on Monday and we're playing the Titanic!!! Its so cool! But I wont be able to be in the concert cuz I have to be out of town for another concert.... It makes me sad.

I also have a gazillion other rehearsals plus homework church functions and harrassment from fellow upper-classmen trumpeters. I'm ajunior but they treat me like garbage *sniffle*

So yeah.... uber busy.... if there's anything I missed from the last time I checked sites (over this last weekend I think...) please let me know! Ive seen some but not all! I'm so sorry for being a terrible friend and not finding as much time on anymore!!! Thanks all!


1. How has school been going?
2. Anyone been sick yet since school started? I am.... *coughs*
3. What say we throw a party? with cookies and muffins? (Muffins has been a deal between friends in real life and on theO lolz)

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