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Sunday, July 31, 2005


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Thursday, July 21, 2005


well, today was really boring so far but were gunna swim later at NIGHT! well next saturday me minji and annie are going to rent a scary movie and there going to sleep over i cant wait well i knda can couz my room is messed up and i have lotz of stuff every where 0.o... i need to clean up b4 they come and my pool b.c its dirty eww.. well i hope they have fun when they come over. well tatz all 4 today =) bii

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   this didnt happen today

well after church me and my friend and my cousin went to the movies to c FANTASTIC 4 well im the stretchy guy and minji is the hott fire dude and annie is the invisible gurl and minwoo is the ugly guy lol....... and my doggy is the mean evil freak! well we went to go buy nachos (funachos) lol......=D well then we went to get our seats and i was about to sit in a WET spot!!! but then we moved down and thiz guy sat on it ha ha ha.... and my couz minji guessed all the movies tat were gunna come out and she got them mostly all correct!! the movie started and there was alotz of funny parts like when minji( the fire guy) says to minwoo( the rock) where are ur ears? lol...and also the part lets not fight no..lets!! ha ha ha ha ha well tats all 4 today i think...bye!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   cant believe it!

i cant believe we have to go bac to skool in like 3 weeks!!
this summer was like the worst ever....except the fun stuff we did! 0.* anywayz i hate my skool i go to southwood middle skool.. its like the worst skool ever all the people there are like blah! i cant wait to go to high skool and get away from all those stupid people i dont even want to go to the stupid dance they have.....i just dont like tat sk0o0l i rather do home skool tats how much i hate it! all the poeple there are all mean and stupid even the people in advanced classes are the stupidest things in the world!!!! i just want to get over with it and go to a skool tats g0o0od.... southwood is just FRUSTERATING!(dont no how to spell)

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   b0o0o0o0...lol kev.

well today i have to do tuder....and kevin didnt tell me tat my lesson was at 12 not 11 so i was bout to leave the house but then his mom called and kevin u never sed tat to me....well anywayz im gunna have to leave in and hour couz its 11:11 rite now !!!! i think im gunna go over kevin's house today to play games he he.... crash team racing woo hoo. well thiz gurl was like i only help people tat like anime..i dont help people tat are anime haters tat is s0o0o stupid.. i mean she only doesnt help me couz i dont like anime jeeze w.e 4get her i have betta friendz!! =D

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   stupid stupid stupid

well i 4got my password on my other user name chibisnowzer but it still works anywayzzzz im so friggin pissed couz they wont tell me my password agen >=0@#$%!!!! they say my e mail adress cant be recognized im really pissed but i have a new one and one on xanga so tats ok... i guess im still a lil mad couz i have to do everything over agen DO U NO WAT I MEAN!! well i get help from my friends thanks guys!!!!=)

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