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yo, Im a 13 yr old grl dat lives in England. Im originally frm asia and Im mad n obsessed wiv anime&manga. ^^

my fave color is blue n I hate yellow (pastel yellow r ok ^^ ) . i was born on the 14th of march.
i love shikamaru. i make careless mistakes in reading and math. i hate math, absolutely hate it.my fave subject is art and i can draw, just not so great as some people here in the otaku.And my best friend is manga.is.da.best, we go to the same school. my fave sport is badminton and i like playin netball. ^__^ . i hate runnin the most,i wish that it can just die,don't know how a sport can die, but ya know.

thanks for reading, and add me if ya wanna, u don't have to come back since dats ur own choice. Have a nice day. ^^


p.s- dis is the cute button by neko.lover. ^__^

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LAST TAG thingy...hopefully.
tagged me....so ya....
~1. Post these rules.
~2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves in their journal.
~3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
~4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
~5. No tag-backs.

1)Im a left handed, yeah that's right!
2)I don't cry when ppl dies in movie, but I do when ppl die in anime/manga
4)I'm well known in school for my artwork, even with the deputy head
5)I have tanned skin,black hair and eyes
6)I learn art by watching my mum
7)I HATE sasuke and I LOVE hinata, but yet I LOVE SasuHina
8)I LOVE rants...

i'm not tagin anyone..since there's no point.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i'm at a frend's house right now, and we're having a sleepover, lol, it's hilarious, i'm still laughing!
so so far we've done make-overs, karaokes and fruit+marsmallows kebab,
make-overs and karaokes were great! we had a laugh!
fruit+marshmallows kebab were hilarious!!! first we were fightitng over the pieces of strawberries, then, we wanted to put chocolata topping on it, and it seems that two of my frends have no clue on how to melt chocolate watsoever, lol, so when we've melted the chocolate we put it in this small baby bowl, since there was only a little of it, Lana hogged the chocolate so me and Leona(sp??) took it off her, i wanted the chocolate so i sorta took it off leo, and leo wanted the chocolate too, so she stuck her kebab in the bwol, and i was triying to pull AWAY, so i wasn't looking on where i wasn't looking on where i was going, and then BAM!! i thi the door that was halfopen and fropped the bowl, lol, so there was chocolate all over the floor, and we all know what melted choc looks like right? ahahahahahaha, and what more, it had nuts in it! since we looove chocolates! we started dippin our kebabs into the thick puddle of chocolate on the floor, it was just plain disgusting! but hey it's chocolate, and we love the chocolate, ya kno, i wuldn't be surprise if we wake up tomorrow wiv a reaaaaly bad diarohea(sp?) lol.
leona has a farting condition and lana cant stop lauging about it lol, so were like, leona, we can still smeel it!! ahahahahahaaha, we'll i gotta go bck n join evryone!! ^^


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

it's my birthday tomorow/today/yesterday (depends on where you are...lol) eeek! and i'm getting a tablet from my parents!! EEK!! can't wait!
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