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chibi girl blowing kiss


It is Anime.Chicka...I had an old account, but it messed up
So now here I am as Anime.Chicka, ready for her comeback.

Requests and trades will soon be open once I submit my new and old art!

So keep tuning in for updates and such.



Monday, February 25, 2008

   ho hum


Ya well my grades are in the toilet right now and I am not happy at al with it cuz our 3rd quarter will end soon and I have bad abd grades and if they aren't up by then those grades will be on my report card, and in highschool that goes on your transcripts and that does not go away it stays there so ya if ya get an "F" it is with you till' colage so yeah major stress....but i am sure they will clear up hopefully.=/

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

!!Happy(almost)Valentine's Day!!

Blowing Kisses


Well,Well it is almost valentines day thought i'd wish all my friends that! so yup! I hope i can submitt my artwork today idk on that though it is really bad over where i live s bunch of tress and stuf broke ad it's all icy and i got another snowday! yesh!

So anywys i am going to go not that anyone cares really, but yeah byeee!


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Monday, February 11, 2008


chibi yuki

Hey hey! so yeah just kinda bored at the moment got a few new pics done hope i can post them soon!

And i get out of school YESH! we got a friekin snowday again,and i am glad i have anoth day to memorizr this poem for english so yeah pretty pumped!


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Friday, February 8, 2008

   Newbie(well not quite)
well not quite)Hey fellow otakuites! I am the former LittleFajitaGirl as you may have known me. i had to make anew account for various reasons since my uber dumb computer messed up a while back and i have more free time now that school has gotten a little bit slower for now...So yeah i want to try and get my old and new work posted soon and get my request back and such so yeah i need my friends and gb signings back, but hey it'll all work out right? So ya thats 'bout it!

Send love my dearies!
send my love to you

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