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Hello! My name is Linda and Iīm 17 years old. I really like anime/manga,science fiction,cooking/baking reading/writing,drawing and of course I like to be with my friends:Diana,Lucy,Sarah, Amanda and Jennifer.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   14/2 2008
Well... I donīt have so much to tell but I thought that I at least should say happy valentineīs day to all of you so:HAPPY VALENTINEīS DAY EVERYONE!!
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   2/2 2008
Iīm soo sorry for not updating for so long time. Iīve been so busy since school began again and then have we had much problem with internet here. But now it seem to be all right so Iīm back now which Iīm glad to be. Iīve missed all my friends
on here. Um... I donīt even know where to start but a few weeks ago me and my friends were at Samīs sixth b-day party. First we ate cake and then we played games,watched a movie with Care bears,drew,read manga books for Sam and then the party was over. It was pretty short but fun. The week after that me,dad and my little sister surprised mother cause monday 14/1 it was her birthday but we didnīt had time to celebrate it that day so we did it in the weekend. First we baked a cake as we ate and then we gave her presents. Later in the evening dad took her out for dinner so me and Sofia ate dinner alone. The day after that were we just home and took it easy and then have it just been school. But a few days after school so have I actually been in town with my friends which I think is fun even though it was
cold and snowing some of the days. Oh I almost forgot! Tonight me and my friends are going to have our first slumber party for I donīt know how long time but Iīll let Diana write about it and next weekend is it my birthday so Iīm going to have a party.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

   21/12 2007
Um... First I want to say for those who thikn sheīs annoying:Warning everyone! Iīm taking care of Sam right now and sorry for not updating for a while. Iīve barely had time to be on here as usual cause Iīve been so busy with school. I have also barely not had time to be with my friends except for last weekend 17/12 when we were at the cinema and saw The golden compass. It was so good and I hope that we have to see the new disney movie Enchanted sometime next week. But first are all of us going to visit our counsins and grandparents cause itīs christmas and all of us are coming home on wednesday. Iīm going to visit Heidi for the first time in a pretty long time together with my parents and my little sister Sofia. I also know that Diana is going to visit Lizette cause she called me and told me that this morning. I hope she will have fun. Well... I donīt have so much more to say now except for that I also hope all of you will have lots of fun and that Iīll update again as soon as possible. Merry Christmas everyone!
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

   29/11 2007
First I want to say sorry for not updating for a while and then I want to warn you cause this weekend I have to take care of Sam. I should have done that last weekend but Sam was sick so it didnīt worked. Oh well now to yesterday. Yeah yesterday me and my friends took the bus to town
,went to the cinema and saw Stardust. That movie was so awesome. Iīd like to see it again but I donīt think it would work if I want to see Disneys Enchanted in december which I actually want. Well... After the movie we took the bus home,went to Lucyīs house and had a slumber party where we ate pizza,drank coke and talked about the movie. After that we listened to music
,had a pillow and balloon fight,played hide and seek and then we took a walk. When we came back inside we watched Kanon episodes at youtube,ate
sweets,drank juice,watched Lord of the rings:The
two towers and then we went to sleep at 1.30 even though it was school today so guess if we all were tired. But it went actually good in school at all cause we like school and we helped each other to stay awake. Pretty fun actually but I gotta go now. I have some homeworks to do and if I donīt come online tomorrow so have a nice weekend everyone,

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