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Hi! I only update this thing every once in a while so sorry if I don't know what is going on. I will not be adding anyone as a friend. It's just too troublesome for me. If you really want to keep in touch with me, please visit my livejournal account. Livejournal gives me a lot more freedom than myotaku and it's free if any of you want to join. Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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Also, message me only if it's an emergency or really need to talk to me. I hate chain letters and will report you for sending me one.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

   Damn.....I haven't updated in a long while here.
Which I'm totally sorry for. I just got caught up in livejournal with all the different stuff I can do over there and that. Not to mention it being easier to find people who like the same fandoms as I do with the communities and all. I really need to refab this out like nobodies business. Being that I'm more active on LJ though instead of here....Should I just delete this? I'd love some answers since I completely feel out of touch with you all (again I apologize for that) and if any of you have livejournal accounts let me know and I'll friend you there. I'd love to get back in touch again.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

   blah blah blah
So my grandmother is staying at the house. I haven't been on the computer much being that she's sleeping in the room that it's in. With the addition that I am a noisy typer, I really don't like being in here. She's off at an appointment right now though so I thought I'd fill you in. Not doing much, just been making a helluva alot of bookmarks. I've been thinking that maybe I should try to sell them on ebay. Then the idea of selling them at a flea market or a convention occured so I'm a little stuck on that right now. I really don't trust ebay being that you always seem to hear stories about people being scammed and I'm not really the overly responsible type when it comes to getting things on time. The fact that all the mail gets shipped to Pheonix then to its destination is kind of a damper to. Mail from Pheonix takes a couple days early but try to send a b-day card to someone in town or around here and it takes a week -.- Anyway, I'm going into drawing again. I've finally decided what I want to draw. Animals. I'm not that talented at drawing people and well I practically have no friends in this little pissant town being that most people around here find games and anime childish yet drinking and getting pregnant is all the rage.... Anyway, I'll write when I can!
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