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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sorry again for not updating for so long, guess I was kinda busy with a lot of stuff..But for some reason my speakers aren't working anymore, I can't hear anything come out when I try to listen to songs, and my theory its like that because I always use headphones to listen to music...Now I can't fix it. Promise I'll visit all my friends sites soon! x_X I feel bad for not doing so for a long time. My other new favorite anime is Prince of Tennis. And yes, Candidate for Goddess is really good! And Manga is a Japanese comic book. Nya ~_~ If you've been to Kimi's myotaku, you can see Himiko, Kimi, and I are making a website for our RP 13X! XD I'm sooo excited. About Christmas too! My dad is going to buy me an Mp3 player..


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