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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/17/07:
If you want to get to know me...

Birthdate:June 3rd, 1988
Birthplace:Howell, Michigan
Current Location:Lansing, Michigan
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Weight:190 lbs
Tatoos:I plan on getting one soon. Either the Gears of War gear, or the Venom spider.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:No girlfriend, and I have no desire for one. Single life is the shit.
Overused Phraze:"Fuck me!" when I'm pissed. Usually at work.
Food:I'm really not too fond of food. But I guess Bacon Cheese Burger.
Candy:Sour Patch Kids
Animal:Grizzly Bear
Drink:Monster Assault
Alcohol Drink:Molson EXCEL
Letter:Hmmm...probably V
Body Part on Opposite :I'd have to say eyes are the most alluring. Although the rest ain't bad either.
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing:There aren't too many BKs around me, so McDonalds I guess.
Strawberry or Watermelon:Strawberry. Watermelon brings up bad memories. lol
Hot tea or Ice tea:Hot.
Chocolate or VanillaVanilla.
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:Hot Cocoa.
Kiss or Hug:Hug.
Dog or Cat:Dogs!!!
Rap or Punk:Punk.
Summer or Winter:Summer.
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:Neither. I like action with horror elements. lol
Love or Money:Love.
Bedtime:Between 12 and 4 in the morning.
Most Missed Memory:Last summer's two week break. Ahhhh...heaven.
Best phyiscal feature:...my legs are quite impressive. (solid steel)
First Thought Waking Up:Goddamn mother fucking alarm clock. *hits snooze*
Goal for this year:To make enough money to support myself.
Best Friends:Constantine Khodirev
Fears:Being weak
Longest relationship:...i'd go into this, but it'd take me too much time to explain. lol
Ever Drank:Yes
Ever Smoked:Yes
Ever been Drunk:No
Ever been beaten up:No
Ever beaten someone up:Not totally...
Ever Shoplifted:Yes, when I was a little kid.
Ever Skinny Dipped:Maybe when I was a baby
Ever Kissed Opposite :*sigh*
Been Dumped Lately:Yeah, after a fashion.
Favorite Eye Color:Green
Favorite Hair Color:Brunette
Short or Long:Short
Height:my height or shorter
Looks or Personality:Strong willed and arrogant, yet kind. Weird, I know.
Hot or CuteA healthy mix of the two.
and Alcohol:...
Muscular or Really Skinny:Niether. I like petite.
Number of Regrets in the Past:Big number.
What country do you want to Visit:Scotland, Italy.
How do you want to Die:I love the idea of dying for a cause, like my country. But probably I'd prefer to die in my sleep when I'm old.
Been to the Mall Lately:Yeah, last week. Bought a Venom poster and a magazine.
Do you like Thunderstorms:Hell yeah!
Get along with your Parents:Not so much right now...we're cool, but I want to be on my own.
Health Freak:Not particularly. *drinks some more energy beverage*
Do you think your Attractive:Fuck yeah. lol
Believe in Yourself:I do.
Want to go to College:I'm in it.
Do you Smoke:Yes, cigars.
Do you Drink:Everyonce in a while.
Shower Daily:Usually twice.
Been in Love:Yes. Unfortunatly.
Do you Sing:I have a good voice, but I rarely sing.
Want to get Married:Not sure...
Do you want Children:I'd like to have an heir.
Have your future kids names planned out:Vincent, Rose


Result Posted on 07/10/07:
If ever the was an Ergo proxy tune...

Result Posted on 07/09/07:
Vincent Law's Voice

Result Posted on 06/29/07:
September 21st!!!

Result Posted on 06/28/07:

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Result Posted on 05/23/07:
My Clubs and Legions

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Result Posted on 05/22/07:
Venom's Song

Result Posted on 05/20/07:
Welcome to the Show

Result Posted on 05/18/07:
The song of the Condemned

Result Posted on 05/08/07:
The coolest Resident Evil character...

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