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hiya! my name's Lexi. ^^ welcome to my site. i'm 16 years-old, and i love anime. the book that i ame reading currently is Air Gear. I have a fan fiction currently going on, so if you want to read that, go a head. if you want to read the story form ch. !, then contact me by pm. ^^ check out my art when you get the chance!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

no one told me we could still use these..... >< i loved it on here! the new one just screws me up.... >< lol but that's just me (this is coming from someone who's been on here for the last 6 years, so don't mind me if you like the new site ^^) anywho, i like this better. hope that people from the old friends list can still see this oO
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

still working on ch. 4
i know it's been a long time, and that i probably should have finished with it right now, but i'm busting my butt trying to get it done... >< who knew making stories could be so hard? oh well, i still love it! i shall have it up soon, i promise. other than that, what did i miss while i was away?
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

hey guys. i know i havent been on in forever. i've been really busy. i dont have that much time on here because i'm over at maye's house and she's asleep right now. i'll post later!
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

part........ uhh..... *picks a randome number* .... 5 ^^
here you go! i just relized that i havent posted my fan fic in a while, so here's an early christmas present to you all. and yes, i know... i have no idea where the comment box is..... @o@ just send me the comments...

I don’t know why I’m letting this affect me so much... I mean, it’s nothing I haven’t heard before... she thought, taking one of her shoes off and dipping it into the water. She gently swirled the water around with her foot. Unconsciously, she started to make the water rise around her foot. The water made three figures, two taller than the other. One was a woman, a man, and the other between them a small child. She watched as the man and woman water figure took the child’s hands and began to swing her back and forth. Tears crept into her eyes as the man took the child and began to dance with her in his arms, while the woman stood back and watched, laughing. Angrily, Sazaki slashed at the air with her hand. A small hurricane ravaged the surface of the water, scattering the figures.
“... How many more things are you going to take your anger out on?”
Sazaki jumped in surprise at the soft, almost musical voice and spun around. A boy stood there, with tousled chocolate brow hair, and an amused glint in his indigo colored eyes.
“Kai! What are you doing here?”
Kai Homochi was a boy in her class. He was quiet, always observing. It was very rare to see him with someone, and if he was, he would be with his best friend, Rico Shishioni. Besides Sasuke, he was also one who got chased around by his looks. Mostly, he on Sazaki’s nerves because he was extremely sarcastic, and they sometimes got into fights which Rico would break up, but all in all, he wasn’t a bad kid. However, he wasn’t in one of those moods that irritated the crap out of her, which relived her because he was a good person to talk to when you were feeling down. The trick was getting him to talk first.
He shrugged and leaned against the tree behind her.
“My house is just up the hill over there.” He said, pointing, “I usually come here in the afternoons to train or just relax. I didn’t know anyone else knew about this place, though.”
Sazaki snorted.
“You and I both, kid.”
Kai ignored that as he watched the cascading water.
“What about you? Why are you here?”
Sazaki lifted her hand and pointed to where she came from.
“I live about a mile and a half from here over that way.”
He nodded and was quiet for a long while
“So why were you trying to blow half the water out of the lake?” he finally asked.
She scowled and turned her attention back to the water, not answering. Kai watched her patiently.
“... It’s nothing really... me and Naruto got into a fight, and he said something nasty.”
“Is that why he was looking so glum after you left? I saw you slap him while I was waiting for my brother.”
Sazaki winced and nodded slowly.
“I’m beginning to regret it...”
Kai was silent as he listened.
“Why don’t you just forgive him?”
Sazaki glanced over her shoulder at him in surprise. A slight blush crept across his face under her critical gaze.
“Well, it just doesn’t make sense to be hurting over both hating him and hating yourself for hating him because you know it hurts him to hurt you...” he stumbled and came to a stop as Sazaki began to laugh at his odd arrangement of words.
“You do know that that made absolutely no sense what so ever?” she giggled.
A rare, small smile tickled at the corners of his mouth as he chuckled too.
“Yeah., I know.”
He looked at the sky for a minute before pushing himself off from the tree he was leaning on.
“I’ve gotta go. My brother’s gonna freak if I don’t get home soon.”
Sazaki’s heart fell; she liked talking to him because he never questioned her about things that hurt her, no matter how irritating he could get. Then she smiled and nodded, then looked back out over the water again. He stared at her again, obviously thinking. About what, Sazaki had no idea.
“He probably hates what he did even more than you do, and no one should be in pain over something so little as this.”
“It’s not exactly that little...” she muttered, squeezing the cloth of her sleeve.
“It is compared to how long you two have been friends. Just think about it, ok?”
She watched him leave with a bemused expression on her face.
“What’s it like?” she asked suddenly.
He half turned in surprise, stopping.
“What is? Getting chased by girls every day?” He asked with the dry humor clear as day in his voice.
Sazaki smiled slightly at this.
“Not exactly, though it must be annoying as hell though.” She said.
He rolled his eyes and nodded with a sigh. She giggled again.
“... So what did you mean?” he asked after a few seconds.
She looked up at his face again, her sky blue eyes gazing deeply into his with a burning with agony.
“Having a brother. What’s it like?”
Kai’s eyes widened slightly, shocked at first, but then softened into a look of understanding and sympathy.
“It’s..... Okay, I guess. I’ve never really thought about it. He loves me, and I love him back. We fight a lot, then make up, then fight again.” He said, “Sort of like you and Naruto.”

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Friday, November 30, 2007

i am NOT a happy person. my mother signed me up for ACT classes without my consent, and the first two sessions are TOMMOROW. ALL DAY. on a SATURDAY. *simmers slowly* this is so not fair.... i dont want to got BACK to school on a SATURDAY! it's not RIGHT!!!!! >< i'm driving my mom crazy with complaints as punishment. this is NOT what i wanted to do! i wanted to hang with my friends! and then i have to go back again SUNDAY, so now, my weekend off is now officially ruined. *is to angry to talk any more*
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