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Sunday, November 21, 2010

reading, break, migraines, etc....
Long time, no see! *hugs* Thanks for the comments faroe, kita, and fuz! ^_^ My b-day went well, thanks. I got lots of books, some clothes, and an awesome new camera. And of course, we had cake, too! It was chocolate with cherry frosting. <33 Sorry it's been a while~ I've stuck to theO mostly, and I've been really busy with hw and stuff, too. Thanks for the comments though! If anyone will still visit me here. XD

I'm tired. I don't know why I'm posting...other than to post...cause I should be getting ready for bed. >.< But I always read first! I read before I go to bed. <3 I can't sleep without doing so! The problem is that when I'm reading a good book, I just don't WANT to go to bed. >> So then it's past 1am, and I'm still reading lol. I'm almost done with the current one: The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. Be on the lookout for a review on my book review world whenever I finish it [I could ramble on how amazing it is here, but I won't yet lol]! :) It's the first in a trilogy, but I don't want to wait to write one up on the whole trilogy lol. No one else has posted there aside from me, which is fine I guess lol! No rush. I still need to write one up on Cethe and do a couple author spotlights, too...hmmm...

I could probably do that some time this week! Cause it's almost Thanksgiving break! Woot! <3 I just have my 2 classes tomorrow, and then I'm freeee~ Break really starts wednesday, but I have no classes on tuesday, so yeah boy. It'll be so nice to have about a week off. I really need it. I need recovery time. I've been stressing so much about all of the papers and homework and school crap...bleh. And soon to be internship stuff. Lemme talk more on that...

So I said before that I've just about secured an internship at a graphic arts place. They're called 23K Studios. My graphic arts teacher told me about them, and I told my advisor, and she contacted them about the internship we need to have. They said they were open to it, and they would like to interview me soon. That's what I'm scared about! I've never had an interview before. .___. NEVER. Never had a job...but I'm most worried about 2 things (I've said before): the reception of my portfolio and my health. I emailed my graphic arts teacher the other day, and I attached some of my e-cards and wallpapers, asking her opinion on them...like if they'd be good to keep in my portfolio and all. Cause I don't think people would like the whole "anime thing." *rolls eyes* Well, she still hasn't replied back, and that scares me. ^^;; A lot. She probably doesn't want to hurt my feelings lol. Bleh. So we'll see. And then my health...if the place was renovated recently with fresh paint or carpet, I'm screwed. I always say just "allergies," but MCSS is soooo much worse. I wouldn't be able to concentrate if I had to be in that environment. So I'm just hoping and praying that the building is older, and they haven't contaminated it with such things. v__v

I know some of that last paragraph was repetitive...but they're my worries!! ;___;

I've been having migraines every freaking day lately. For at least a week or more. *sigh* It's horrible. I run out of my meds so quickly...and they're so expensive. :( My head is killing me right now, too, cause I didn't want to take my migraine pill today. I've already used 1/3 of my prescription, and mom just picked them up. They only give me 9 for the month, and DUDE that does NOT cover me. I swear I need freaking 20 at least...and my insurance covers nothing. :[ It's really horrible. And then seeing my mom, who is 58 38 (being nice, mommy) and still having her migraines...for her whole life, it really doesn't help my outlook now, does it? I'm stuck with them. Just like I'm stuck with the stupid chemical sensitivity. ~___~ Don't get me started on that. I'll just go in a downward spiral with self-pity then lol.

So I created a new challenge yesterday. E-cards again. Take a look if you want! ^_^ It's about the holiday spirit, but without the holidays!

Totoro got his hair cut on friday. :) Hehe. Now he looks like a cute widdle puppy again. XD A 10 year old puppy...not a hairy bear! So if you want, here's a couple pics: ♥Pic 1 & ♥Pic 2.

But in sad pet news, my betta fish Chipper passed away today. :(((( RIP Chipper. He's in fish heaven with all my others. .__. Well, he lasted a while. He didn't eat for over a month...so I was amazed he lasted this long! Poor thing. It just sucks cause I changed his water today, thinking that would help him (he wouldn't do anything but sit at the bottom, not swimming...but still alive)...well, a couple hours after I changed his water, he looked worse. And then he died. *sigh* So it's like I killed him! Argh. I thought it would help, but I guess the shock was too much. :(

I could talk sports, but you wouldn't want that lol. To sum it up, Flyers (hockey) were doing crazy amazing, his a rough spot, but won their last game in amazing fashion. ^^ And tonight the Eagles (football) won, too! <3 So yay for now lol.

Ok! I'll stop now. *hugs* Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you're all well!! Good luck to all of you with everything...and almost happy thanksgiving to those that are celebrating it this week! <3 Take care~

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