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Thursday, November 11, 2010

my birthday!!
Thanks for the comments last time! *hugs* It's been a while...so I forget what I wrote about. XD Thanks though!

It's midnight now...so it's officially my b-day! :D I'm 22. Two two's. ;___; I feel so old. Ok well, at 2 am I'll be 22...woooah. D: So many two's. On the 12th of november, at 2 am, I shall be 22. But yeah, anyhoo...

Thanks already for the b-day wishes, and many thanks for those to come. :) *hugs* I love you guys!! If I get any gifts from you dears, I'll add them to this post or whenever I post again, I'll share them...<3 Look at greedy ol' me, expecting gifts lol.

My computer died. I'm on my netbook right now, which I hate being on for long. I don't have a desk, and it gets really hot...so this is why this post is fast. Tomorrow when my bro comes over, he's gotta fix my computer. It's so old...it's died so many times. :( I hate it. But I love it. I love that comp, and I don't want a new one...but it might be time. All those viruses and lack of any memory on the hard drive is taking its toll. Yesterday I was able to delete some duplicate programs I had on the C drive...so guess how much space I freed up?? 1 GB! Yes! My total was 1.2 GB's. TOTAL. I was running on megabytes, people. That's how old my comp is. The C drive, where all the programs and stuff go, its total space is 10GB. You could buy a freaking flash drive with that much. That's how old that comp is. My trusty friend. So yeah, I was pissed to see it not start up today...*sigh* Who knows what's wrong...

I wonder what gifts I'll get. <3 Aside from the books and manga I ordered and bought at the mall with mom. ^^;; Yesterday I went on a tiny shopping spree with her to get things to save for my b-day. Manga, another fantasy book and 3 shirts/sweater. Other than that, I have no idea what I'l be getting.

First friend to text me happy birthday? Brad. Yeah, my badminton partner. :] He's so nice...so sweet and fun. A shame he has a girlfriend, otherwise I'd think there could be more. But until he breaks up with her (*cough*lol*cough*), I'm just happy to have him as a friend.

I never get gifts from friends though. IRL. Like they never remember...or care enough. Then again, I don't do parties. I'm not like my cohorts at school that party every waking hour of the night, drinking themselves crazy and probably having sex. On FB, that's all I see pics of. Big drunken parties with plastic cups everywhere. It's gross. That's NOT my idea of a good time. Mine is...staying home and doing nothing. :D

*hugs* So yeah, thanks again for the wishes! I love you guys!! I'm going to bed and then waking up to my b-day. Hehe. ^_^ Take care!

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