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Saturday, September 25, 2010

summary of updates post!
Hey guys!! *hugs* Thank you for the comments! :) Wow, 5! Haha, that's actually a lot. XD Even on theO I'm barely getting any. So thank you. It's been a while, and I've been posting more on theO, so this post will be a sorta...summary of what has been going on for those of you that only check myO. I'll try to make it brief! ^^; Thanks again faroe, Lute, deadly neko, corn, and Raisha!!

First I'll share the art I've done in the past week! :) Some cards, wallpapers, and even a drawing! So take a look if you want. ^^

Woo! That's a lot! XD Thank you for taking the time to look! <3

Alright...so let's see. Remember me talking about my international business class? That's the one with new carpeting. I get my really bad reactions to stuff like that (MCS)...and so I've been talking to my teacher to see if he could change the room. Well last week, no such luck. But there was progress! he actually said that he'd be willing to try and set the class up online for me to do. :) I still haven't heard back from him though...he never replies to my emails. :/ he asked for my phone number, but he hasn't called that yet either! ^^; So I'm not sure what to do by wednesday. Like will I still have to go to class or what? Lol. Cause He didn't really inform me at all! But I'm still glad that he understands my situation and was honestly trying to get a new room. And now he said I can just do stuff online. Fine by me!

The Phillies (baseball) have been winning like crazy! They had 11 wins in a row until they lost tonight. :( Oh well, but still...it's crazy. We're in first place by a lot now. Oh how different from a month ago! XD Haha. Tomorrow we're going to the game. ^^ It should be really fun!! <3

My neck isn't any better so those cortizone shots...ugh, didn't work! It really sucks. I don't know what to do now. My neurologist never even called me back. Um on thursday I went to my normal doc for a physical in order to get a driver's permit...yup, I still don't know how to drive...

Yesterday I got my hair cut! :] This part I'm just going to copy and paste from theO, so if you read my last post on there, this isn't new at all. XD i'm too lazy to write it all again. [paste]I just went in there to get it cut...but I wanted something different. I got a new girl to cut my hair, and she was like, "You know what would be really cute on you?? If I made it super short in the back and like spiked it up...but keep it long in front." Ooookay! So that's what she did, and THEN she said, "Heeey, you know what would look great on you?? Some dark lowlights just on your bangs." I had no idea what that mean, but i was like "SURE. But how much does that cost?" XD It was reasonable! This was my first time getting color of any kind professionally. It was only on my bangs, but still. She did the foils, and I had to sit underneath that heater/dryer dome thing...gawd, it was HOT. I swear. A billion degrees!! D: My face was SO red afterwards. ^^; Um, but yeah. I think my cut turned out well. I'm not sure it looks that different though...lol. What's sad or kinda ironic is that I've been working hard to get my bangs way lighter (highlight them myself), and then she did these dark lowlights...and it's as if I never highlighted them. -__- Like back to my natural color! Argh. Oh well. I mean it looks cool and all, but I thought it'd be more dramatic.[/paste]

And here are a couple pics:

Hmm...and I have lots of hw to do by monday...I did a lot today already, but I still have lots more. ;__; How I'll fit it in tomorrow after the baseball game, I don't know lol.

*hugs* Ok, that's it. I can't think of anything else uber important that was missed!! XD Thanks for visiting me! Take care~

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