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Saturday, August 28, 2010

zoooooooo and stupid school.
Hey people. :) *hugs* Thanks for your comments, corn and lute! <3333 My myO faithful friends. Haha, yes, whoever invented high heels was a sadist...nope, it was man...they obviously didn't care cause they didn't have to wear them!! Lute, thanks for all your encouragement about the school year and stuff. Unfortunately this post has more ranting about school starting. XD Oh, I forgot to write in it...but the Phillies won the last two games, so that's good at least haha.

This post will be a combo of fun things and depressing things~ Well, maybe not depressing necessarily for anyone but me lol...

Sooo...made a new card. I like it now, I think. I spent so much time on it that I totally hated it for a while...but now I like it. XD I couldn't make decisions on the typography, but I guess it ended up ok! It's for a challenge.

Hmm...what should I talk about first? How about today? Sure! Ok. XD I'll answer for you lol. So today we went to the zoo! :) Well, not THE zoo, but A zoo. A local one that's much smaller compared to the Philly zoo, but it was still fun! :] We were probably the only family there that didn't have a child in a stroller...so I guess yeah, it's a smaller place, more geared towards little kids! ^^; But hey, I'm still a little kid at heart. I had a lot of fun. I love animals. <3 My face lit up quite a lot during the trip. XD I don't agree with how some of the animals are caged and treated...but this zoo seemed really nice. It was super clean! Ahah, so anyhoo. What's funny is that there were buzzards everywhere...there was only one vulture that was actually a part of an exhibit! All the rest were just flying in and out of the enclosures lol.

There was a wolf...so pretty. Unfortunately my camera acted freaking retarded when I was trying to take a pic of him. :( It froze up when I was taking a video! Ugh! And the wolf was so close, too. So I didn't get any good pics of him. But I did lots of others~ Buffalo, the roaming peacock, prairie dogs that eat lasagna, owls, butterflies, wild cats, birds, etc. You can see some of the pics I took here on FB. :) That's not all the photos I took, but they were the best ones. I submitted two of my faves on dA:
♥The Gorgeous Butterfly
♥Ducky~~ Haha, I loved the ducks the most. XD I fed them some of my granola bar...and they kept diving for the pieces and making the cutest noises!! They weren't like QUACK QUACK. They were...little...funny squeaky sounds. XD

Before getting to the zoo I was feeling really sick in the car. ;__; I blame it on my migraine. We had to hurry to get me out of the car...luckily nothing came of it, but gawd I felt like throwing up! :[ Stupid migraines. I felt better as we walked around though. Well, it was a sunny day...even though I had my visor on and sunscreen...I still got sunburned. ~__~ GAWD I HATE MY STUPID SENSITIVE SKIN. So my face, nose, and back of my neck/shoulders. *shakes fist at the sun*

Ok...now onto the next piece of business. *sigh* School. It is upon me, gosh darnit. :( Tomorrow I have to go to check in. That's a pretty easy thing...we just pick up our schedules, errr, calendars and things. Parking passes. Stuff like that. But I still hate it. Because it's always the sunday before we go back! And it heightens my anxiety. DX Stupid school. So yeah, I start monday...I'm pissed about it. I wish I had one more week, just one. I'm scared. This is my senior year of college, yet I'm still full of anxiety. I hate the first days because they're usually just pointless ones where we go over the syllabuses, but sometimes a teacher will already start notes or force work upon you. I hate reading the syllabus...it really scares me, gives me anxiety. Without fail, every new semester, I have a panic attack after seeing the course descriptions and work that will be done throughout the year. Seeing all the dates and all the assignments at once...it builds up. I get overwhelmed easily and get really emotional. :(

I checked online for my online class and she and my teacher for my fashion class already have stuff up...the f-ing syllabuses...and assignments already!! ;__; For fashion, she already wants us to have the books bought and chapter 1 read BY THE FIRST CLASS ON MONDAY. WTF. NO. Sorry lady, we're not psychic. We didn't know to get the books that far ahead. SO F YOU AND GO DIE. She better be nice. Nicer than the biatch I had all these other years. She was fired, you know? My previous mentor that I would always complain about? Yeah, she's gone. So now we have some new lady as our fashion teacher...she better be good...though I already don't like her for telling us to do this already. ^^;;;

Sorry~ I wrote too much as usual. Lol. I'm just...ugh...I don't want to go back to school. I prefer relaxing and lazing around! I may get straight A's, but who cares! AGH. At least I had fun at the zoo. I could rant about my brother, but I'll give you guys a rest lol. Thanks for visiting me. XD *hugs* Take care!

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