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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey guys~ How are all of you? Thanks a bunch for all the comments on my stuff lately. :) You guys are all great! <33 Faroe, corn, and Lute! Arigatou! <33

In case you haven't seen my last card, here it is. I really like it a lot. XD It's simple, but just...ehhh, it hits me the right way! Aside from the BL goodness lol. I'm just happy with it.

Ugh...so my summer vacation is quickly disappearing. ;__; I go back this coming monday...and sunday is when I have to check-in. I'm thankful that I still commute. XD I would hate to move in and live on campus! Lol I know that a lot of people LOVE it, but that sure isn't my thing. I'm also surprised that so many of my classmates are excited to go back. Really? Is IU that exciting?? And this IS coming from people that live on campus. I guess...it's fun for them...they're more social than me, that's for sure. But hey, I prefer to just stay at home and do nothing! XD So that's why I want summer to last as long as possible. .__. But all I hear from my friends on FB are "OMG YAY!! SCHOOL STARTS SOON!! MOVING IN THIS WEEKEND, WOOT!" I'm like WTF. O___O Are you CRAZY??? Sorry. Even though I'm a good student, I don't like school. I've never been eager to go back...though I'm very happy that this is my senior year. My last year of school FOREVERRRRR. I think the toughest part won't be the classes, it will be the internship. I need to find one by October (I think)...and that isn't easy. :( Especially since I really don't like my fashion major all that much! *sigh*

Most of my classes this semester are late evening ones. So 4-7pm. *rolls eyes* I've never had classes at that time before. It'll be weird, and I don't think I'll like it. Tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays will be the best. On Tues and Thurs, I only have one class each, and none on fridays lol! But I'll have that online class that I KNOW has a 40 page paper to do. I think that's my biggest worry, though I don't know what my other classes (all freaking business) will have in store.

So yesterday I ran into some trouble. The other night I accidentally dropped my phone...and I heard it hit something, and it was my brother's camera. Now I didn't see anything wrong with my phone, so I assumed all was well! But I didn't examine the camera. So yesterday I looked at it...and it was broken. :( SOMEHOW. OUT OF THE WHOLE ROOM MY PHONE DECIDED TO FALL AT AN ANGLE RIGHT ON THE LCD SCREEN. So it broke it! Ugh!!! I was so upset. Of course I had to tell Corey. ~__~ It wasn't easy. I did end up crying, cause I'm a wuss. He wasn't exactly mad...but he did make me pay for it. I think I'm more upset that he didn't say anything like, "Aw, it's ok. Just pay and it'll be fine." No comfort when I'm crying, but heck, when is he ever comforting? Bah. So whatever. I gave him his money and all was ok again. But still. I felt so bad!!!

The other bad thing yesterday was that I got an email from someone at my school saying that my fall schedule has been dropped. Huh? Wtf? It said that we didn't pay for the semester yet, so they dropped my courses, meaning I wouldn't be able to go this semester. D< I was so arggghhh!!! I quickly went upstairs and told my parents. They were also like wtf, but we paid it online. So we paid and things should be ok now...but still...it was quite the scare!! The thing is that my mom talked to some lady there and asked when they would send an invoice. They said they would last week, and they never did!! So it was THEIR faults. -__-

Today mom and I went to the mall. We were pretty...um...static (?)...solitary? I can't think of the word I want, but we didn't really go to many places lol. XD We stayed in Nordstrom the whole time. Not usually my place, but I'm afraid that I'm guilty of enjoying...fashion a bit more!! ^^; I used to HATE shopping for clothes, shoes, etc. But lately I've enjoyed it more. Lol. I tried on a ton of shoes, mostly just for fun. High heels. I never wear those; they're so uncomfortable! But my feet are the right size for all the display shoes so I just went around trying everything on for kicks lol. I don't know how people walk in those heels. I didn't get any, of course!! XD After that, mom had to bring back a purse or something...so I actually looked around. >>' In the discounted area. Now, this is one thing I always vowed not to enjoy: purses/handbags. I've refused to buy any or enjoy them lol!!! So what do I do today? ....buy 2. D: They are so cute and little! Not any of those big clunky things. They're small and just right for a phone, wallet, and other little things. Not much. :] Michale Kors. I couldn't believe it though...I feel bad! I went against my anti-purse vows!!!!!!! O___O

Uh, other than that I got a cute dress. It's black with white tiny polka dots. :) Then we went home...a nice trip out, though I wish we stayed out more and went to Borders, gamestop, and the Sanrio store. XD *spoiled*

Hmm...oh...Phillies. They've been on the lower-end of the joy spectrum lately. ^^; They've lost 3 in a row, and each game has been incredibly frustrating. If more of you guys knew baseball, then I could go on quite the rant from last night's game! Lol. It was insane. If anyone cares and wants to hear about it, if you don't already know, then just pm me or something. XD It was a 16-inning travesty.

Ok. I wrote too much, as usual. *hugs* Sorry!!!! But thank you all for dealing with me. :) I love you guys~~~ Take care!

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