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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

stuff! XD too lazy for a title.
Thanks for the comments last time on my posts, no matter which ones!! XD And on my cards and things. I love you guys~

Latest card, another Oofuri one. XD It's for the welcome to theO challenge. I think it really turned out cute. ^^ And I have another idea for an Oofuri card, dur hur. I'm really spamming the category now...to think, when I made my first Oofuri card...it was the first one in the category. And my walls might've been, too. Now the category is filling up quite nicely! Thanks to me (hehe), Ritona, and several other people~~ I don't like it when my favorite shows get popular, but right now, it's just getting more attention...thank goodness it will never be a "Bleach" show lol!

I heard one time, way back when, when Oofuri was being licensed that it was actually going to be shown on the MLB network. Glad that didn't pan out.

Since I'm on the topic of baseball, I shall move to the Phillies! They won again tonight!! ^__^ So that's 6 in a row~ And 9 in a row at home. After such a horrible time on the road, they come back here and do great. <33 Getting closer to the Braves, who are in first place! Most people had the Phils written off just a couple weeks ago. XD But now they're making a good comeback. I really hope this continues...at least for tomorrow because dad and I are going to the game! His bank gave him tickets--only 2. My mom so wishes they gave more, but nope...so it'll just be me and him, and it's going to be in one of the special suites. ^^ Hehe. So even though it'll be super hot and humid tomorrow, we'll at least have some AC! *spoiled* I told my dad he better sleep all day tomorrow so that he can stay awake to watch the game and to drive us home. ^^; Cause he goes to bed early (he does wake up around 3-4am all the time...)

Homework, homework. So I finished up my philosophy for week 3. That was the class that had 8 things to do! D: But I did them! I feel so accomplished. <3 But then...I feel sucky right away because, "OH WAIT THERE'S STILL MORE WORK TO DO TOMORROW AND THE NEXT DAY AND THE NEXT AND THE NEXT." ~__~ All I ask is for ONE week where I have a light load for these summer classes...just one. *sigh* This is such a crappy summer. I've said that a billion times already, but it's true! I wish I could enjoy my break, but what break? And we as a family haven't done anything special...I wanted to go to a theme park, or maybe go to the shore, but no. :/ I doubt that will happen. At least we're going to the bb game tomorrow. Last year we went to 3 or 4 games! But cause of these summer classes, there wasn't really enough money to spend on the area of fun. :(

I've had a migraine for 4 days in a row or so. Bleh. And here I went a good week maybe without any! Well, that was just...luck, I guess lol. Poor mommy and me. We both struggle with these so often. And our MCSS (multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome), which is...in case you didn't see the post where I explained, the strange allergy thing where our faces itch/burn when around things like new paint, perfumes, rubber, and basically anything weird. *rolls eyes* My face has been acting up a lot more recently, and I can blame dad cause it's always his fault! Stirring things up, introducing new things...using bug spray. Anything. Ugh! Stupid face. I hate looking in the mirror now cause it's usually red and spotty...irritated. And I just look bleh. :( I don't even think I can use makeup...that would irritate me. [I don't wear it anyway, but I'm sure it could help make me look less ugly lol]

All I want to do is just read for fun...but I hardly have any time cause of the homework. :/ I'm reading this book called Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling (sp?). It's really good. :3 I'm almost done with it. I'm always waiting, though, for the two main character (both guys) to get it on!!! XD Me and my love for BL. But there's hints here and there of them liking each other, but nothing happens. I'm almost done with the book, lol. I WANT THEM TO AT LEAST KISS, MY GOODNESS. *fangirls* There's 4 books in the series though, hehe, so maybe their relationship will develop later on? I hope. Alec x Seregil, please! >>'

Hmm...I think there was something else...oh, today I was removing the nail polish from my toes and fingers. ^^; And...well I was doing it outside, thank goodness. I accidentally spilled the remover. .___. And it spilled all on my legs and slippers! Ew. It was soooooooooooooo gross. XD I took the hose and sprayed all over lol. It was quite the mess. Just bad luck. Um, but that wasn't what I was going to talk about!! >.< But...I can't remember now. Probably something negative anyway, so I'll spare you.

*hugs* Thanks for reading. :) I hope you all take care now! <333

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