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Monday, June 28, 2010

some good things~
Thank you all~~ *hugs* Deb, Lute, and omg Anis-chan! *huggles* Welcome back! :) I've missed you~~~ Thank you guys for the great comments. ^_^ I love you guys. <33

Something I wasn't going to start off with but...did you see the NYAF winner?? ~__~ I'm sorry, but I'm not enthused. What made that entry any better than Amy's or a slew of other people's? I mean, sure, it's great. The coloring etc. But it isn't anything special. :( But what really pisses me off is this person isn't even a MEMBER here. What I mean by that is...that's the only thing they have submitted, they have no subs, they have no worlds, they have no comments, no nothing. So basically they only made an account here for that contest only!! >E That should've been looked into. I mean, it was a contest made here on theO, right? So shouldn't really active members be more highly considered? I just didn't find it fair. [/rant]

Ok. So now that I got that out of the way...on to more important things! Or at least, I find them important. >>' Who's to say what happens in my life is of any importance to you guys anyway lol? Sometimes I feel like there's no point in posting...cause doing all this makes me seem like I'm some person that just wants attention. ~__~'

Anyhoo. Some good things and some bad things to report! There's actually more good things though. :)

Good: Yesterday was a pretty nice day for the most part. Corey went back to work, so yay...freedom from my brother every other day. XD I took the time to do a lot of...CLEANING. Yeah. Haha. Fun? Yes actually. ^^; I found it quite rewarding. I cleaned my room, and I cleaned our game room. That part...kind of annoyed me though cause the game room was absolutely FILTHY, and it was all Corey's fault. He never throws anything away, he never PUTS anything away...so DVDs and CDs were strewn about everywhere, etc. D< I was tired of being in that disgusting room! So I had to clean up his mess. Did the vacuuming and everything. Like I said though, it was rewarding. I felt good after doing all that cleaning! To have a nice clean room to play games in is soooo much better.

I was going to say yay to the Phillies winning yesterday and all, but today they lost badly. Lol. But...they've been doing a lot better lately. Still in 3rd place though...

Um, I think other good things happened yesterday. *thinks* Ahah. OH YEAH. Dur. Actually, not yesterday, but today! But since I'm going in chronological order, I gotta say what BAD things happened yesterday. :[ Mostly one thing. I had to clean Totoro's butt cause he's stupid and sometimes doesn't complete the job, if you will. >> And he HATES that. So it's going fine, wash wash wash, and then he BITES ME ON THE ARM. Sure, he's a little dog, but that doesn't make his teeth any less sharp. It hurt like HELLLLLL (no, I don't curse, look...that's not how you spell it lol)...he's such a bad dog sometimes. Ugh!!! So I got a blood blister/bruise. It was bleeding, and it is bruised, and scratched up too. It still hurts a lot. Stupid stupid. It hurt sooo much yesterday. I mean, it's doing a bit better now, but still. :( He capped off a great day with something bad.

Sooooooooo~ Today. Wow, it does feel like yesterday though. O__O Um, good news! I GOT INTO THAT CLASS I NEEDED AND WAS TRYING SO FREAKING HARD TO DO. Remember? The one where I did all that paperwork only to find out it was filled up?? Well, my dad knows this lady that works at that community college, and she found out that there were 2 openings today! And so...she put me in. XD She isn't really allowed to though. You have to see an advisor first, and THEY do it lol. She even got in a little trouble for doing that. ^^;;; But still. She saved that spot for me, hehe! So today I went in, saw the advisor, and was officially placed in the online class. ^^ Lifespan Human Development. Doesn't sound all that great, but I have to take it. The advisor lady asked if I had the prereqs to take it..."WHAT?" D: Apparently at Delco you have to take Psych 101 to be able to take this class, but at my school, we don't have to. I started freaking and thinking I'd have to take another class lol. Thank goodness, no. If you're from another school, you can bypass that if you don't need it. Thank goodness.

Yeah, I can't believe I'd be happy about getting a class to take during the summer. But it saves me a lot of stressful time during the regular year, making it a TAD bit easier to graduate on time. :) So I'm taking 2 classes, and thank goodness they're both online.

Other than that...didn't do much today. Made a new card though. ^_^ Enjoy~

*hugs* Okies. I wrote enough. More than I thought I would. These posts take me...about...15 minutes to write? Something like that. It's 12:30am now...I go to bed later and later. Dx Oh well. *hugs* Thanks you guys~~~ Take care!!!

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