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Saturday, June 12, 2010

[complicated?] same as theO!
Hello, guys! *hugs* Thanks for the comments last time. It's been a few days since my last post...hmm...my last one was about the Flyers losing. [but not here on myO...sorry it's been longer! So yeah, the Flyers lost to the Blackhawks...no stanley cup for us. :(] I guess it's "been a while" for me! Right? Lol. So thanks to whoever commented last time! <3333 [myO: thank you, Anna, Lute, and Lestat!! You're all awesome for visiting me here!!!]

I'll start off by saying I'm sure a lot of you are glad you don't have to read my rantings about hockey anymore. XD But unfortunately for you, there's still baseball. BUT unfortunately for me, the Philles have been sucking lately. I mean, REALLY BAD. A championship going from first to third...and not scoring any runs while giving up tons and tons to the frickin' Red Sox of all teams. They're cocky enough as it is! ^^; But anyhoo, they're just in a major mix-up right now, and it's painful to watch. So surprisingly, I haven't been watching all that much. I'm going through sports withdrawal. D: I know the World Cup is going on, but soccer/football really isn't my thing. :/ But the US tied today! I do know that lol, and apparently that's good. XD

Now then. On to other things that don't involve bats and balls (teehee). So yesterday I went to see my neurologist (well, since it's midnight it's officially sunday, so Friday I went)...and surprise surprise, he didn't really help me. He suggested physical therapy and gave me more free samples: the med I'm already taking for my migraines, and a new muscle relaxant. Ho hum. His other suggestion was to give me a cortizone/novacaine shot in the back of my head/neck. ^^;;;;; He says that works 70% of the time to get rid of neck pain and migraines for at least a few months! Sounds like a miracle! BUT! I'm sorry, I just don't want a shot in the back of my head, thanks. I hate shots...scared to death, and the thought of having one back there, where I can't even SEE it, scares me even more! Lol. Though the results sure do tempt me. If these meds don't work (which so far, they haven't...*sigh*) and if physical therapy is a flop, I may have to suck it up and take a shot in the back of my neck. .___.

And as for the therapy, I don't even know I'll go. One, it might cost a lot. Two, all they'll do is show me little exercises my mom can. Three, a friend of mine who works at the pharmacy told me that her neurologist wanted her to do the same when she was having a ton of migraines, and all they do is work on posture positions. Her migraines lessened as time went on. I can only pray that that will be the same for me because nothing else is working. I'm getting depressed about this stuff...cause I've tried so many things, but I have no relief. Not even when I take my migraine pill does it go away. It comes back later. :[ And the new muscle relaxant does SQUAT. Ugh!!!! I feel so hopeless and helpless! And if I'm going to have these for the rest of my life...well, I at least hope I find something that will help me regulate them.

Here's my most recent ecards. Made this one today as a b-day gift for solenm serpent. :)

And this one made yesterday. It ended up really popular! Didn't think it would.

Today we (mom, dad and I) went to get our eyes checked. I need a new prescription again, just a bit stronger, but maybe that will help me enough so I'm not straining my eyes! Maybe that will lessen the migraines? ^^; I don't know. But we were supposed to then look at the glasses frames today, too...but dad was crabby and rushed us along. *sigh* So maybe tomorrow. After church. We haven't been to church in maybe a year now...it's so bad of us. Really bad. But it's because the last time we went, mom and I got really bad allergic reactions to who knows what...so we had to leave early. :/ So we've kinda been afraid to go again! ^^;; But! We're going tomorrow! Unless something comes up or I feel really horrible lol. WE NEED THE POWER OF GOD TO HEAL ME. AND MOMMY.

Hmm...I've been playing Yakuza 3 a lot. Lol, nonstop. I love that game. XD It's just so fun. Killing guys, singing karaoke, playing darts, gambling, killing more guys! Ah! Heaven! Haha. I love the main guy, too, Kazuma Kiryu. If anyone can find me scans from the game...that'd be really awesome. If anyone wants to make me an avi from it, too, that'd be really cool. XD I haven't been able to find any anything from it. ;___; KAZUMA-CHWAN~~~ Haha, he seems so tough, but he's really such a nice guy, being in charge of an orphanage and all!

Okies. I think that's all I have to talk about. XD Good enough? Yup. Good. *hugs* Thanks for visiting me. I'll try to comment more tomorrow...cause of those new meds, I haven't felt up to doing anything. I don't think I'll take them again. ^^; So yeah, anyhoo~ Take care!

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