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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

summer break and better things!
*hugs* Thanks so much Lute and Kiyo for your comments!!! :) I really appreciate them. I'm posting sooner than usual cause I have something positive to talk about. Get rid of that negative post!! So thank you again. *hugs* Oh and *hands you all cupcakes* There were so many left, so of course you guys can have some. XD Too bad you weren't in my class!! I wish you the best, Lute, with your struggles as well. Feel free to pm me if you ever need to talk...which reminds me I STILL haven't replied to yours from before. Sorry!! :[ Anyhoo...post time!

I'm basically on summer break now!!!!!!!!!! Basically!! Lol. I say that because I still have things to do for my online class, but I don't have anything that involves me going TO school now. I have 2 short essay questions to do for my online class's final...those are due by monday, so I have time. But I'm done with my other finals. ^_^ Wow, it doesn't feel like it! I feel like I'll have to go back to class tomorrow and next week...and keep going. ^^;; But it will sink in soon.

Speaking of finals, my professor did indeed curve that final exam!!! :D I mean, I still don't know what my FINAL GRADE is, but when I checked my grade online and refreshed it...remember, it said I had a 57% before (cause I obviously failed my final), well now it says I have a 74! ^^ Now I'm not so depressed about that, haha. Though I do wonder what I got on it...and my other things. So maybe now I'll get a B or B- in that class? I'm hoping that the 74 isn't my official final grade. I haven't gotten a C since my chorus class in middle school. >>' Yes, how is that possible?? I never went to any of the recitals lol.

So today I just had my visual merchandising presentation. We went first, and it was super easy. I think we did better than most of the people cause I noticed they didn't include some of the info I thought we had to. Yesterday...I had my history of costume final, which was really easy. I got a 91 on it. :) So yay. Except for that marketing final, I did fine. But now that he curved it...well, not too bad. XD Anyhoo, other things aside from school: last night my brother and his friend went to some special screening of Iron Man II. It's funny cause my brother didn't even like the first movie all that much, but since his friend invited him, all of a sudden he's a FAN. Hahaa. The other night, mom and I had a psychic moment regarding our opinion of Iron Man (well, Robert Downey Jr. as him), haha. We both said, "It's just Sherlock Holmes in an iron...outfit." It was great! We said outfit at the same time. XDDD We couldn't think of a better word, lol. Not like "armor", "suit", but OUTFIT. It cracked us up. It's definitely my favorite quote in a while. I used to hate RDJ, thought he was gross and just bad cause he was a druggy at one point, but after I saw Sherlock Holmes...goodness, he was pretty hot. >>'

Well, my dad got more fish. I've definitely lost count in how many discus we have now! I thought he said he was finally done with getting more. But he's like addicted to getting them!! XD So I yell at him about it. Lol. He wasn't even going to tell me about them...he was just going to order them, have them delivered (yes, they do deliver live fish, safe and sound) and then I would find out today about them. But sunday, I think, I caught him on it...so I made him at least get one that I wanted. ;D So we have this shiny red and white spotted discus, named Farneys (don't ask), and the one I picked out, which is a shiny white ghost one, named Mr.Cliff (after Cliff Lee, formally of my dear Phillies). They're so cute. ^_^ But now they have to get used to their tank...I mean, really, it isn't easy to be transported in little bags of water in a dark box on a plane!!

Yesterday mom and I went shopping at the mall. It cheered me up, even though I usually don't care much for shopping...I'm enjoying it more and more lately. >>' Looking for cute clothes lol. So I got several cute things: a sundress, skirt, cardigan, and a shirt that I wore today. What's funny is yet again people thought I was younger than I am! The cashier lady asked how old I was. "21." She said she couldn't believe it...thought I looked 17. Lol. It's hilariously great. AND TODAY while waiting for the elevator, two Sisters (nuns) were talking and asked me what grade I was in, I replied that I'm now a senior, and they said I looked like a freshman. Hahahaa....I guess that's good. Maybe? Anyhoo, aside from clothes, I also got a new book. So it was a nice trip out.

*thinks* Sports-wise. Phillies won last night and today. <3 Great great wins against the tough St.Louis Cardinals! But the Flyers...they lost again. *sigh* :( If they lose one more game, then they're out of the playoffs. Flyers haven't been able to go deep into the postseason...since they won the Stanley Cup in the 70's. It's so sad. I love watching hockey, but when it's baseball season, I'm not as dedicated...I guess. So I'm not too upset that they're sucking. ~__~' I mean, so many of our best guys are out injured, so it wasn't meant to be.

Ok. I think I wrote enough. Right? And it was a pretty positive post! Thanks for dealing with me all the time. In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, here is a beautiful guitar song by Antoine Dufour (he's amazing) called MOTHER. XD

P.S. I made a new ecard challenge if you're interested!! :) Take care~

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