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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

goodness, I only post here once a week now!! O__O
Hey there, my friends! *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments last time. :) Goodness, it's been another week since I last posted on myO! I'm sorry!! ;___; I was going to post here during the past week...but every time I was going to, I felt too sick to do so. ^^; A lot of you read my posts on my World, so you know. But yah. THANK YOU to everyone who has been visiting me. I love you guys. :)

Look, a new theme! Although I did change it...I think last week, the day I posted. XD or the day after. But anyway, I like it. I've been posting more on my world because I've been doing shorter posts...and I usually put those there. I've been wondering if I should just copy and paste these posts there since a lot of people simply do NOT comment here anymore. :[ Which is sad. MyO really does seem to be dying...dead...ugh. And that is why I want to keep posting here! ^^;; I know a lot of you said on theO that you read my posts here but just don't comment. Well, we'll see about that!! XD If you're one of those people, comment on yesterday's world post saying you read this. Lol. No, it's ok. Just kidding. Cause I'm sure lots of people say "I read it" when they really didn't. But I gotta trust my friends here, right? I LOVE YOU GUYS. Without you, I really wouldn't have...many friends to rely on. ^^; But anyhoo, this post is just going to be here, but maybe next time I'll copy and paste to both places. :)

I GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :( I'm totally depressed about that. This was a nice winter break, but I always wish it lasted longer. I mean, I shouldn't complain cause I did have a whole month off, but still. It's always a downer having to go back to the routine of getting up earlier than I'd like, sitting in classes taking notes, and doing homework...being piled on by projects. *sigh* That's what I'm worried about. The first days of class are usually just the get to know you days (I HATE THOSE), go over the syllabus, and maybe start the first chapter. But I really think these are the hardest days for me. Every semester, I freak out in the beginning because of going over the syllabuses in each class...I start thinking about all of the different things due in the future for each class as if they're due right away. I just have trouble with compartmentalizing things that are things I have to do far in the future. When I'm bombarded with all of these things at once, I freak out. Like last semester, remember? The first few days we went over what we'll do in class, and all of the important dates are thrown out at us, and so then I feel really stressed about everything all at once! ^^;;; HIGH ANXIETY. Ughhh. *sigh*

Overall, this semester is a pretty light one...as far as my schedule goes, except that I have my night class. :/ I've never had one before, and I've been avoiding it for as long as possible, but I have to take it. Otherwise, I would never get my classes done for my graphic arts minor. And, gawd, I haven't taken a lot of others I need to do for my MAJOR. ~__~ I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to take an extra year or something to finish my classes. BUT. I can't think of that right now!! ^^; I've already been panicking about the whole internship ordeal...I need to get an internship in my major either over this coming summer or over the spring semester of my senior year...and THAT really has me worried. I gotta stop that though! That is months away!!! D; I already ranted about that on my World, so if you read it, thanks for the encouragement...

Hmm. So yes, I haven't been feeling well lately. A lot of nausea. Probably from my anxiety and definitely migraines. It's so retarded. Yesterday I felt so bad I actually took a nap...and I felt like I would throw up any time I moved. I'm feeling better today, thank goodness, but now I have that time of month to worry about. If it's not one thing, it's the other, right?

So monday was the 11th, right? That was my oldest brother's b-day. He turned 31. D definitely feels like he's old now. ^^; Poor thing, lol. In the first part of the day, I went to the chiropractor, and then mom and I went to petsmart to get Happy some food and things, and then we went to Barnes&Noble. Poor mommy got a bad reaction in the petsmart, which is so weird. Her face was burning like crazy...we both have this weird allergic reaction to anything and everything. :( So that pretty much ruined the fun trip out. The one good thing that came out of it was that I got the new book by Carol Berg, "the Spirit Lens." And it has such a HOT guy on the cover. <3333 Hehe. XD Umm...and then...at night, D came over with this girlfriend to have dinner and celebrate. That's when I started feeling sick and depressed. Uncomfortable. I really don't...care for people coming over that aren't family. I mean, D and Suse might as well be married, but still, I'm not comfortable around her. It's always just awkward. She isn't the smartest tool in the shed, and I never hear anything that comes out of her that's her own opinion. It's always about what my brother wants or thinks. She's TOO nice. It annoys me. I can't hold a conversation with her because everything is always too frickin' nice. I wonder if she really has any of her own opinions? It's like she always has to please us all the time. :/

Now something else that bothered me that night...my dog. He kept mounting Suse's legs. So I kept trying to get him off of her. My dad kept telling me to. If he didn't, we would've just ignored him, but no. "Kelsey, get that dog off of her!" And so one time when D was opening his presents, I did again, and then Totey viciously attacked me. *sigh* Jee, how many times has that happened??? -__- My dog hates me. He just does. So my hand was hurt [I still see where he bit me on my wrist], and I was crying, but I didn't want to ruin D's party so I just kinda went to the bathroom...and stayed away from the fun. It really ruined the night for me. I couldn't even enjoy when D opened up his Street Fighter 4 snuggie that Corey gave him...cause that's what he always wanted, and he was sooo happy. And it's the rarest thing to see my brothers get along and have genuine fun and joy about something. *sigh* But hey, that day is all over now! It wasn't good for me, but Derek enjoyed it, and I suppose that's all that matters.

Hmm...I still need to see Avatar. Corey and dad went yesterday and saw it in IMAX. I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't go, and I just want to see in regularly, not in 3D. I'm sure it would make me get a migraine and feel sick watching it that way. ^^;; Hopefully friday we can go because I don't have classes then.

I've been working on my wallpaper off and on. I dont know when I'll finish it, but maybe this weekend I'll try really hard to!! You know on facebook I mentioned I've been playing that Sorority Life game?? Lol. Well, they're having a valentine's day outfit design contest!!! And I've entered it. ^^ So you download the base model, and then you create a layer on top and then design your outfit however you want with photoshop or whatever you have. :) I've done 2 entries so far~ It says you can enter several times. It's so fun!! XD If only my major included fashion design. That's what I really like. :[ Oh well. But yah, I doubt I'll win, but it's still fun.

Alrighty, that's all from me. *huggles* You guys are the best!! Wish me all luck with school. ;__; And I wish you all the best, too. Take care, until next time~

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