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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I think this post must be pretty boring and maybe shorter. I don't know. I'm sick.
Hi-hi! *hugs* Oops, I shouldn't hug you since I'm still sick. O__O But yeah, haha. I guess it can't transfer through the internet, right? ;3 Thanks so much for the comments last time. ^^ And on my World, too. Arigatou Jamo, Jerry [hmm...I wouldn't call those girls, ok, not ALL of them are preppy, but yes some are], Nana (so nice to see you again, onee-chan!!), Anna, Teddy (oh, it's been a long time for you, too~), And Kiyo-chan! OMG. Some of you guys have disappeared forever, lol. XD Thanks for returning to ME. <333 And arigatou for all the sweet comments. About the snow, my school stuff, and whatever else I mentioned~

It's felt like a while! I think...or so it seems since I last posted. Indeed! It's almost been a week! O__O Well, I have excuses. It's called I've been SICK. And BUSY. Mostly sick. If you haven't read my posts on theO, then maybe you wouldn't know. But yeah! So last thursday, right, I went to brunch with those friends of mine. And I said that the one girl, Meg, was starting to get sick! Well, the following night, my throat started to hurt a bit...so I was like "OH GREAT." But it wasn't just from her...my brother Corey's been sick for a week, so I most likely got it from him. I'm getting a bit better, but not really. By that I mean...my sore throat disappeared after a day, and I'm coughing some, but not a lot. It's my nose. Stupid sinuses!!! ;__; Almost every time I get a cold, it turns into a sinus infection. SINUSITIS. >E You know my allergies are always terrible, well yeah, my sinuses are just messed up in general. So today I gots me some antibiotics to combat this horribleness! Good thing I can be sick on my BREAK. DX

Oh, if you can't tell (sorry to be miss obvious) I changed my theme a bit. I kept the base colors of gray/black, but I changed the bg. :) Decided to make it more wintry/holiday-ish. Plus, it coordinates with my Mihashi avi. XD I also have a working playlist now...from playlist.com! No more IMEEM!!! Stupid imeem is stupid. Did you know that it was taken over by myspace? When I tried to go to my imeem page and upload things, I was bombarded by myspace stuff instead. So like...I don't know. All my songs and stuff I uploaded there, uh, I don't know if they're still there or not! Lol. Oh well. They were ridiculous anyway, making everything 30 seconds long. Yup, so enjoy listening to those songs if you want~

Yesterday I was going to post, but I felt just way too horrible. Sinus headache to the max. T__T So much pressure...it felt like I had an anvil on my face, lol. So yeah, I couldn't really do much. I hope I get well SOON! I'm tired of being sick!! I stayed healthy all semester until the very last weekend, lol. How sad. XD Ok...yup. So I had my last final on monday, for business management. She showed us 10 minutes of the movie State of Play, and we had to answer these questions relating to the movie that of course have to do with the whole semester's stuff we learned. It was really tough!!! But apparently I did fine. ^_^; I checked my final grades...and I'm stunned. *sigh* Stunned. In a bad way...or good way. Well, both, I guess. :/ I just don't get it!!! I somehow got a B in world religions. Yeah. A 'B'. A solid f-ing B. Not even a B+! Not even an A-! But a BBBBBBBBBBB. I know it isn't terrible, but it just seems weird to get that in a class where we did nothing.

What makes me mad about it is because of the class itself. All we had were 3 papers. And that's what we were graded on. We had no homework, no tests. Just 3 big papers: midterm, final, and "research" paper. *sigh* I don't find it fair...cause I do really well on tests, but not always papers. I got an A- on my midterm, so I must've done sucky on the other two, but I wouldn't know cause those were handed in the last week (obviously), and so he didn't let us know our grades on them. And on the midterm, he didn't leave any comments on it at all....it was just "Good. A-" Any reasoning? No. So I bet he gave me B's on the others without any good reasons, too. He probably gave everyone in class B's...cause none of us really participated. "here, you pass, but you don't get A's." Anyway, it's just retarded cause I no longer have a 4.0. ^^;; Ok, ok. I'll shut up now...sorry. I wasn't bragging at all, and if you feel bad, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way at all...it's just how I am about grades. I can't help it. :(

So again, please don't take offense to my ranting! I'm a perfectionist for myself and grades, but I DO NOT look down upon others that don't have "perfect" grades. Grades are NOT everything in life. And so I really don't feel that bad about this B. I don't. I honestly was shocked at first, but then I didn't really care. I'm kinda glad now. It felt weird to say I have straight A's all the time. It makes me seem like a robot that just studies all the time. It's nice to have something not "perfect" in there. Anyway, sorry. DX It's just this indirectly hurt someone's feelings, and so yeah...

Hmm...I have a feeling this will be a shorter, more boring post. Cause I haven't done anything since being on my break. I've just stayed home, being sick, playing video games and watching tv. I haven't worked on my wallpaper or anything else...I have no motivation. -_-' Bleh. Um. Yeah, my fish, remember? So they're a couple, lol, and they did lay eggs again! But again, they ate them. XD I mean, I don't think we'll be able to raise any of the babies since the tank is full of 7 other discus, and it would take a lot of work to have the babies actually hatch and survive. Oh well, but it's still cool! Kiyo-chan, you're right! It does take the best possible condition of the tank and fish to have them lay eggs and all. So dad and I have been taking good care of them then! ^_^

On theO I did a sports rant. I still could do more on that rant, but I'll spare you. But just a little. Do you remember me fangirling over Cliff Lee? He was the pitcher we got late last season, and he was the only one that got any wins for us in the World series. He kept us ALIVE. <3 Plus...he was HOT. Lol. But...we're trading him. :( So my precious Phillies will not have him again!! Noooooooooo. It's a confusing thing to explain, but in the end, we're trading him and getting Roy Halladay, who IS supposedly the best pitcher of the decade. ^^; I mean, sounds great! Awesome! If he indeed does perform as he's made out to be...but jeez, I'm going to miss Mr.Cliff. :[ Mostly cause of his looks...haha...oh, and skills! >>'

Umm...yeah. I honestly can't think of anything else to talk about. My brain must be fried, lol. If you have any questions for me, go ahead! I'll entertain them! :) *hugs* Yup. I'm definitely done with this post. Haha. I hope I have something more interesting to say next time. XD I LOVE YOU GUYS. Take care! Stay healthy! <33

Edit: I made an ecard! ENJOY!

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