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Saturday, December 5, 2009

all sorts of goodies(??)
Hey there, my dears!! This is a late post here for me. Lol. That is...it's 9pm! I try to post earlier in the day, but eehhh, I didn't have time. So here you go. :D Anyhoo, thank you soooo much for the comments last time! You're all so sweet. I appreciate all of the encouragement you gave me for my presentation last week and all of the awww's about my guinea pig and those videos, lol! I have a video of Happy to put in this post, so you guys can see him...eating. XD Thanks to those of you that commented, jamo, Sinny (it's been so long!! *hugs*), angelbest, Raisha, misty, filo (where on earth have you been for the past however long??), Sam, and jes! Welcome back. ^_^

Sooooooooooooooo....it's been SNOWING. SNOWING all day today!! *__* The first snow of the season~~ It's so pretty. <3 Well, it's not officially winter yet (right??), but whatever! The point is that it's snowing, lol. The weather people sure were wrong though! They always are. They said that there would be around 1-3" of snow POSSIBLY...and it would start at night. Hah, they were so wrong! It started snowing today around noon, and by now, we must have over 4 inches. I haven't gone out to measure it, but it sure looks like a lot. XD It's great! And it's on the weekend so it won't impede on traffic stuffs that might occur if it were on a school day...which can't happen this week! ^^; Finals, you know. Finals. I just want them over with.

Oh, here's a pic of the snowy tree branches that I took tonight. I wish I had a better camera for night photos...

I guess I'll mention first that presentation I was so freaked out about on wednesday! Remember how the one group member girl didn't do any work? Yeah, well, she really didn't. And she didn't come to class...so I didn't mind, lol. If she came and expected to present, THEN I would be really annoyed. Our prof said that she sent him an email about being sick...but I don't know if I believe that. Seriously. She couldn't have been sick practically the whole freaking semester, right? Lol. And if she was sick, well she had enough energy to email him about it at the last minute, but she couldn't care less about all of the emails we sent her? Asking her and telling her about the project? Anyway, it doesn't matter. XD We presented, and it went well! I mean, I was really nervous at first, and even as it went along...but ah, not bad! You know, it was on Walmart. Once I got to the part on the Walmart cheer, I had some videos to show with it...lol...and everyone laughed so much. XD That relaxed me some. ^^ It was quite the relief to have it done! And Mr.Lodge (prof) said that I did good. I'm hoping that good = 'A', but who knows. The one girl in our group though didn't do too well, so I hope she doesn't bring the grade down. She was literally reading word for word from paragraphs she had written down. ^^;; So it didn't sound very...errr, good. >>'

Ok, so now all I have left are EXAMS. Lots of them. Plus that textiles paper and world religions paper. WR shouldn't be too bad...that's due wednesday and needs to be 4-5 pages. Textiles paper, as I've complained about, is 7-10 pages and just a major headache to do. Time-consuming. ~__~ I kinda started it today. "Kinda" means I did one paragraph and one of the info tables...hahaaa...and only then did I notice, hey, we were wrong on what our character does! See, for the project we're all assigned a challenge, and it involves someone needing certain clothes for whatever they're doing. I mean, ok, we're not TOO wrong. It's just that it says that "Emily is a paralegal," and the whole time we thought that was "lawyer," but it isn't the same. :/ Anyhoo, cause our prof is such a stickler for details, I asked her if it was ok that we made her a lawyer. ^^; Cause we have it written everywhere, lol, and I don't want to change the poster! Sister Sygolinah and I worked on that on thursday, and it looks nice! :) Really cute...but really simplistic, haha, as if a grade-schooler made it. But oh well. XD

Hmm...yesterday...uh, I had economics. Nothing special there. Then I came home...and I honestly don't remember anything....OH. I went to the neurologist! XD Just to have him look over my MRI film and then talk to me about how my meds were working. To sum it up: my brain is completely fine [and somehow my sinuses are, too, wtf...then why are my allergies so bad??], and he will give me a different kind of migraine med cause this one isn't so great.

Also yesterday, I made an ecard for Icchan since he was the runner-up in my Sportin' It challenge I did before. :) I still need to work on xaos' first-places prizes!!! Um, lots of people love my quote on it. I thank you very much. *hugs* I try, I try!

So this coming week I shall still be very busy with school stuff. Lots of studying and writing to do. I hope you can forgive me for not commenting a lot! :( I haven't been on theO as much as I'd like to. >.< Facebook and school work have taken me away! Lol. But don't worry, I'm never leaving here for some site like FB. I actually hardly use it...I just like some of the games on there. ^^; Hmm...well, I can't think of anything else to say. I could rant on our sports teams sucking like crazy!! Man, without the Phillies playing, we have nothing. Both the Sixers (basketball) and Flyers (hockey) have been doing terribly...so many losses in a row. T__T It's painful!!! The Eagles (football) have been so-so, but that's kinda how they always are.

I took a little video of Happy eating his food...haha. It's not very interesting! But it's cute!! ^__^ So take a look if you want~

Alrighty. I'm done now! No more. I can't think of anything else...hahaa. Sorry again for not visiting a lot! *hugs* I love you guys~~ Take care and good luck with everything you have to do!

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