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Friday, November 6, 2009

doggies melt my heart. ♥
Hello, sweeties! <3 Thanks so much for the comments. :) Hah, I got a lot of double comments. XD Interesting. Twins! Lol. Sparkle, where have you been????? I'm amazed you decided to visit on your own, actually remembering my b-day being next week! How is that possible?? Thank you. :) Good luck again to you with your school work. Angelbest, it's been forever yet again. Hahah, but that's ok~ And thanks also to Aya, ulter-chan, s.g., Raisha, and Lute! I really appreciate your comments. Hah, yup, my halloween was boring...and I see a lot of you agree about the drinking thing. Yeah, I probably won't do any of that on my b-day. XD Arigatou again!

I am using a Pikachu avi. <33 Hehe. Simply because my b-day is next week...and he's in a cake...and cake is always birthday-ish, lol. So cute.

Hmm...so I didn't have economics today. It was nice to just sleep late and enjoy my day! Although I didn't sleep that great. I woke up when I usually would for class, and then had a tough time going back to sleep since my neck hurt so much again. :/ Ah, I really can't wait for that doc appointment next week!! Lol! XD I sound like a crazy person, looking forward to a doc appointment. Anyhoo, uh...yeah. I'll attempt a shorter post today. I know I say that often, and I'm quite the hypocrite, but whatever.

Most of you probably saw the edit or my post on theO about the Phillies losing. :( Yup. NY won the world series again. They now have 27 championships. >> Somehow...something seems so WRONG there. Phils only have 2. Last year's (amazingness) and 1980. Those Yankees are so greedy! >E But whatever. I honestly wasn't that upset when we lost...I thought I'd be uber depressed and like crying, lol. But since we were losing for most of the whole game, I didn't have much hope, so I didn't watch it all...so I didn't get as emotionally involved. XD Cause you know I get very emotionally involved when watching sports!! ^^;; I'm a weirdo, haha. I don't get this extreme when it comes to the others though...I like watching hockey, basketball sometimes, and football rarely, but not as dedicated as to baseball. Yes, I know a lot of you could care less. Well, I was the same way just a few years ago actually! "Why watch sports? They suck! They're so boring! Especially baseball!!" But then when my dad got us tickets to go to some games, that's when I fell in love. X3

Yesterday, school...ugh, I felt like crap! More headaches. I must definitely have migraines...so that's why I really want to get some meds for that. v__v It was hard to keep my eyes open during my classes because of it. Like my vision was blurry and stuff. :/ In world religions, we just took notes and stuff...and then in textiles, we were supposed to have another stupid quiz, but we got off the hook this time!! Haha! Know why?? Well, according to the syllabus, the quiz was to be on chapter 11, and then we'd also go over 12 in class. It didn't say the quiz would be on 11 & 12, so none of us studied 12!! *laugh* So we all get the quizzes, look at them, "Hey. We didn't study 12. The syllabus said only 11!" XD Yeah, yeah! So our prof at first tried to just pick out the chap.11 questions for us to do...but then she gave up, lol. So that just means one less quiz, which I'm good with! Then the rest of the class we talked about laundry, detergents, soaps...yes, isn't that a very exciting chapter? Mmm-hmmm.

After classes, I mostly just played video games, and I drew! A lot of you already saw it, but I actually drew!!! I haven't drawn an anime-style chara in a long time. I haven't drawn anything in forever (cause I don't count wallpapers). This is for Avarice's Design a Princess challenge. :) She's May Yelena. I really failed on her dress. I wanted something Russian-looking, but it ended up more Spanish, lol. I took a lot of time...I used SAI for the first time. I love her hair and her makeup. X3 So yeah! Please take a look if you haven't~ And OMG it was on the front Otaku page!! I've never had any of my fanart be "featured" before. ;__; Sure, she didn't garner 70+ hugs, but that doesn't matter, lol. I'm happy how she turned out.

Alrighty. Today! Today! After getting up and making breakfast, I watched some TV, putzed around on the comp, etc. and then mom said we could go look at doggies at the pet store~~ Hehe! Yes, we still have Totoro, but goodness, I really wish I had my own dog. Cause he only loves Corey. :/ He bites me a lot...and just ugh...anyhoo, I love going to this petstore and looking at the puppies there. ^_^ They're SO CUTE!! There were so many different ones...but this adorable little girl caught my eye. She's a Lahsa apso/maltese mix. Like OMG. We were able to take her out and hold her. <33 And go into this room for her to walk around...but goodness, she was just sooo tiny and afraid! She was about 9 weeks old and so freaking tiny. Nyaaaaaa. TTT^TTT So I just held her. And mommy held her, and she didn't want to let go, lol. Long story short(er), no, we couldn't get her. Dad really was considering getting me a dog...but we totally can't with Totoro still around. He's not used to other dogs, and I know Corey would be really pissed off. So it just wouldn't work out! I'll only get my own when he moves out. :*( *sigh* Here's a couple of pics of her. One's of my mom holding her, and then another of her on my lap. Hehe.

(no, I'm not choking her!! I was holding her on my lap, and she was digging her face in my palm, but then when mom went to take the pic, she looked up! So that's just my hand...looks like a stump...again, she's not being hurt, lol.)
Sorry, really bad quality! My phone's camera is the worst. That's the one that's yellowish and grainy. My mom's is better (the one of her on my lap). We considered naming her Tilly...hehe. ^_^ A shame we can't get her. Oh well. But it sure was fun looking at the adorable little puppies! They make me happiest. A sure way to get me to smile = puppies.

I don't know when I'll finish my Ritsuka wall. Again, I'm at the bg stage, which I hate. Same with that other WIP I had. I just get so stuck when it comes to backgrounds. ;__; Ugh. Anyhoo, I should probably work on my billion projects this weekend. ~__~ Stupid school!!! I can't wait for this semester to be over with. Yes indeed.

Alrighty, that's all from me. *hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me! I love you guys! I hope you're all staying healthy. The flu is traveling quick around here. Luckily I'm well at the moment. *crosses fingers* Take care, everyone!! <33

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