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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

this is a more upbeat post for once! (??)
Hello, everyone! *hugs* How are you guys doing?? Good, I HOPE. <3 Thanks for the comments the last time~ Not that many, but that's ok. It wasn't a very important post anyway. XD And I'm reposting the pics in this one, in case you didn't see them. ^_^ But yeah, thanks anna-chan, jamo, Raisha, and Britty!! I really appreciate your compliments! Okapi!!! That's what it was! Thanks, anna. :3 Yes, I think that animal is awesome...it's like part horse, zebra, and like...everything else, lol. Ok, well, that's all I need to reply to! XD Thank you again~~

So I'm getting right back into the swing of things with school. Lol, that didn't take long. XD It's as if I didn't even go on that Cali trip! And here I was SO worried that whole time, right? Like leading up to the trip I was panicking...weeks and weeks ahead, worrying about missing school etc. Well, as usual, I freaked out way too much than needed. I only missed one day's notes for OB, nothing in ethics cause all we did was go over the midterm, the test I made up in business, a quiz and notes in textiles [can't make up the quiz, so a big fat 0 is in there, how retarded!], and some notes that no one takes anyway in world religions. So yeah. But it's back to the grind...now worrying about all the projects I do have to do. ~__~ TOO MANY. Oh well. I'll feel so wonderful when this semester is over with. Gotta do what you gotta do!

Although I should be wearing another Phillies shirt today to support them for the game tonight [if they win it, then omg OFF TO THE PLAYOFFS AGAIN], but I've already worn my Phillies stuff last friday, this monday, and yesterday! XD I figured it would be a bit much, although I could technically wear a different Phillies shirt or jersey for a week. >>' Cause I have that much. Lol, but anyhoo!! I'm wearing this adorable gray cardigan that I got in CA, when we went shopping with my aunts. ^_^ Hahaha.

I gotta talk about that! I didn't go into details about events like this on the trip. So anyway, we go to the mall--mom, derek, Suse, and we meet up with aunts Sunny, Melinda, and Glory later. I think it was just in Macy's that there was this rack of these cardigans in lots of colors! I tried on this gray one...and everyone came over, "OMG! Kelsey, that looks SO cute on you!!! Try on another!" Lol, so I tried on green, and they really liked that since it matches my eyes. XD And then, what happened? Everyone started trying them on! Of course, Derek didn't, but all us ladies were, lol. It was HILARIOUS. All cause I tried one on! I sure started a trend [at least among my family]. ^_~ Hehe! So I got gray and green, Sunny ordered a black one (they were out), Suse (after a lot of contemplation) got navy, mom got magenta, and Melinda got gray and navy. It was hysterical, really. I really started a fever for these cardigans! Luckily we didn't ALL wear them at the same time, haha.

Hmm...so yes! We did indeed have fun on that trip, although like I said, there was tons of stress, too! Anyway, I'll list off the grades I've gotten so far on midterms and whatnot! ^^ So I took that makeup test for business (not a midterm), and I got a 90. Ok, that's good, but really...she grades SO harshly! Each question is short answer/essay type, and she takes off a ton of points. Even if you try to answer the question, and you're kinda close, oh well. You get no partial credit. So this one girl got a really low grade cause she didn't get exactly what our prof wanted...but she was close! She should've gotten partial credit. :/ It's stupid cause most of the questions were worth 20 points. ~__~ So anyway, still, I'm happy I got a 90. Better than I thought! Got back my christian ethics midterm, and I got a 94. ^_^ Hehe, which I think was one of the highest! Lol, cause he graded them...well, he had to add some points and things cause most people did bad. >>' He took off 3 questions that most people got wrong, but wtf of course I got them right!! >> Ah well, lol. He says though that my grade's really higher than a 94 cause of the curve anyway. XD Like I said before, I think I somehow got a freakingn 99 on my textiles midterm (I had extra credit), and then...today got back my economics test. I got the highest grade again! ^^; A 92 out of 96.

So I suppose I'm doing pretty darn well as far as grades go. XD But jeez, I'd think that the kids in my classes would do better...or more like, I thought profs would be way stricter with grading, but a lot of my teachers have to curve tests or add extra points etc. to accommodate those that do poorly! Like in economics, she really made the spread generous! O__O Cause it's not out of 100, it was out of 96. But still. A's were 96 to 81 points! And B's were 80 to 65, and C's were 64 to 45...yeah, if people can do math, then they can see how generous she was. Cause 45/96 is definitely NOT a C (usually 70%s)...

Anyhoo, what else has happened?? Aside from my fanatical baseball watching, lol, not much. School. Busy with school. My brother randomly bought a PS3 the other day. He got it since it's the new slim version with more GB, and it was a bit cheaper...but still...did he really NEED it? No! In fact, just a month ago, he kept saying how he wouldn't ever buy a PS3 or Wii. "They don't have any good games. I wouldn't want to collect any; they're not worth anything, etc." *rolls eyes* You know Corey is a crazy game collector. He never plays them...and so again he buys a whole freaking system just so he can have more to collect! -__- And he put it in his room so I can't play them, even though he gets games like Katamari that I'd want to play. :/ He's just ridiculous. He spends money on games and things that just sit there, when he should be saving up to finally freaking MOVE OUT. DUDE, YOU ARE ALMOST 30 YEARS OLD.

I started looking at photoshop again. As in, I'm kinda trying to kinda start some new wallpapers. I'm rusty with my vectoring, so I'm attempting to vector some scans. XD One of Ritsuka from Loveless...for some reason, I LOVE vectoring/painting him!! Lol! He motivates me, hehe! Even though I still have that WIP from months ago I never finished...if only Oli-chan were active online again. She and I were going to finish it as a collab. :/ So anyhoo, I'll try to work when I get time on making a new wallpaper. I don't know when I'll do it, when it'd ever get done, but at least I'm making an attempt to get back into art, lol.

Oh, speaking of art! Haha. XD Yesterday in business class, we got to have a little arts and crafts time. ^_^';; It was an activity to show things like management skills, decision making, use of resources, delegation, etc. Hah, well, we just saw it as silly fun!! We got into our groups, and we got some supplies. We could only use what we were given: 10 notecards, 3 markers, scissors, and tape. And we were told to make something. Anything! My group made a house, lol. It was hilariously wonderful. XD So cute. It was purple...had a red brick roof, an awning (sp?), welcome mat, tree, deck, etc...haha, all with notecards. We had a lot of fun! ^_^ It was great to do something like that with my classmates; they're the girls from my fashion classes, and we're in this group for one of our business main presentations. So yeah. Haha, good times...

Alrighty, here's the slideshow of photos I took in CA if you didn't see them. :)

And now I need to go to ethics class!! *hugS* Thanks for visiting me. :) Wub you! <33 Take care~~

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