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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A hefty post about my trip! Though there really aren't that many details. O__o
Hello, hello!! OMG it's felt like FOREVER. Cause it's...totally been FOREVER. Right?? Ok, it hasn't really...not as long as some people disappear for, lol, and I didn't disappear! XD I gave you all proper warning about my trip, and I also updated on my World throughout the week. ^_^ Anyhoo, thank you a ton for all the comments here last time! And all of the many comments on my world posts, too. <333 I would've replied to some of them there during my trip, but the hotel's wi-fi was weird and wouldn't let the comments show up right. So yeah, anyhoo, many thanks!!

So how are all of you doing? I bet I missed a lot! ^^; Cause I didn't get to read anyone's posts. Yes, I did have my netbook, but I barely used it. I'd check my emails each day when I could, and I'd do little updates here and there, but I was mostly just...incognito. It's very odd to not comment daily for me, lol. But yes. I am back, safe and sound, all in one piece from the California trip! It's so good to be back home. Unfortunately, now I have to return back to reality, and that means schoolwork. ~_~ And worrying about what I missed. And contemplating all those group projects I need to work on somehow. *sigh* We returned last night, and like all last week I told my teachers [ok, really just my textiles prof, biatch] I would be back in class today, but ehhhhhh...NO. I didn't go. You couldn't have woken me up for class this morning even if you prodded me with a stick. Jetlag, my body being used to CA's time...ugh, the 3 hour time difference! Lol. I still feel really out of sorts. [it's almost 6pm] I woke up this morning...errr, not in the morning, I got up around 12:30, and I am still tired! It's a very dark day, cold and rainy. It feels more like winter than fall! And here I was just in a nice climate of summery/springy goodness. It's a shock.

But I love Pennsylvania. Like omg I was soooooo happy to come home last night. T___T To see real TREES (no palm trees, lol), and grass, and yes, even have the chilly air! When we got home, like, to our house...I was just so relieved and happy I started crying! XD I hugged my brother Corey (yes, yes I did), and I wubbed Totoro so much! It was a wonderful relief to see them again, and also to see that Corey took good (good-ish) care of the fish. There was only one casualty of Mr.Limpit. :( He texted me about it...that was sunday, I think. I wasn't too surprised though since he wasn't doing well before...but still...sad. I wubbed him. He was the pink betta shown here. Now Knuble really is lonely. It's just him in the tank with one stupid little tiger barb. All of his friends have left him...but hey, he can't deal with the other discuses in the big tank (he's a meanie), so yeah. ^^; Anyhoo, I was very happy to see all of my fishies in good health, though I could tell he overfed Seyonne. There were so many pellets in the gravel...I need to clean his tank.

I will be going to economics tomorrow since we have a test. :/ Goody. I gotta study tonight. *sigh* I have to make up my business test this monday...man, that class scares me. I mean, I've done well on the tests so far, but just...there's always so much work our prof piles on us. All those projects, etc. And I missed a very big part of our project when I was gone...bleh. *tries to calm down* Ok, ok, whatever! I gotta stop thinking about that crap. Today is my day to just recuperate! This has been a stressful trip.

Don't worry, I won't bombard you with tons of details of things. That will be next time...whenever I upload all of my pics from my camera (some from the zoo were on my last world post though). We arrived on saturday, after my horribleness of waking up at 4am. I couldn't believe I could last that whole day without collapsing, seriously. We got there...hmm...around 10:30am CA time? I think? I don't remember now, but it was pretty early so that we had that whole day. That night we met up with most of my relatives at this Mexican restaurant...my aunt Sunny, as usual, took a billion photos. I swear her hand should just be altered to have a camera attached. Sunny Camera-Hands. She just doesn't stop. Saw my cousin Shane, who is still great. He and I are the same age (I'm 6 months older), and we've always gotten along. Though now it seems like our sense of humor is even closer, lol. When he was little, he used to be super religious good kid, loved Thomas the Tank Engine, Barney, etc...haha. But now he shops at Hot Topic, is into lots of similar things as me...but anyway, that has nothing to do with anything. XD He's a good kid, and he really has had a stressful life with Sunny as his mom. They've always been dirt-poor, and she has always had a myriad of boyfriends...

We met her newest one on sunday, when we went walking at La Jolla cove. He is 18 years younger than her *cough cough, robbing the cradle*, 6'9", and very good looking. She is roughly 50 years old, wrinkly, extremely full of too much energy, poor, and has the personality of an 8 year old with ADHD. I mean, I love her. She's probably my favorite aunt (and I have a lot), but...she has many many things that could be fixed. We just all questioned WHY. Why. Why? Why is this guy with her? She blatantly put it, even with Shane there (her son, remember), that it's purely for the sex. Oh yes, very...very...lovely. Thanks, Sunny. ANYHOOOOO. The main point of this trip was to visit my grandparents, mostly my grandma with Alzheimer's. Just like the last time I saw her, she isn't faring well with it. She cannot speak at all. I heard a few rare words. It takes a lot of coaxing, a lot of time, and a lot of contorted faces of hers before she's able to say anything, which like I said, is rare. On sunday morning...we went out to breakfast, grandpa and I were saying "It's Davey!" (my dad), and she actually repeated that. She said "it's davey." She always lights up for my dad (though she is mom's mom). X3 The other times I heard her speak were on monday: "Good morning" after 20 minutes of trying, and "bye" when we left. Anyway, it's very sad to see her like that...but she was doing pretty well in the other areas, like physical health. And eating. Girl, she can EAT.

Ok, so Sunday we went to the cove, then went out to dinner, on monday just mom and dad and I went to the zoo, and tuesday we went shopping with my aunts. There were lots of fun things in between all the stress. But still, just...lots of stress. Especially on my mom, since it's her side. Being around all this family, and everyone has different ideas of what to do, but it's mostly Sunny being crazy and controlling. She put a lot of pressure on mom about things, and it wasn't fair. Oh yeah, and my dad ended up paying for everyone...everyone's everything like at all the dinners. He must've spent over $800 on these dinners alone cause no one offered to pay! All my relatives always assume he'll do it all for them. Only on the last dinner did he tell them they're getting their own bills. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that my brother D came with his girlfriend. So I spent a lot of time with them. Suze is so sweet, so nice, but goodness it was rather annoying. I mean...seeing them SO lovey-dovey sickened me. Cause they'd always whisper with each other, and come on, I am NOT used to seeing D like that. Plus, I was always left out of everything. I was always the third freaking wheel everywhere we went. Gawd, the last dinner sucked cause I had to sit at the end with D x Suze and Sunny x Hernewboyfriend. It was torture. I was so depressed for a lot of the outings, really.

In between doing things, I stayed in the hotel, watched the few channels we had...I love my sports, but goodness, one can only take so much of ESPN. We had 4 ESPN channels, lol. We also had a NASA channel. Ok, yes, who's watching that? XD The good news is that we had TBS, the channel that the playoffs were on! ^__^ So I got to watch my Phillies when they played~~~ And they won!! The NLCS starts tonight, which is the next round of the postseason. They're going against the LA Dodgers, just like last year. >D I sure hope they win again! The game on sunday started really late, but we watched it, though I was falling in and out of sleep,lol. I was still on PA time, thanks, so it was tough staying up! It ended past 2am PA time, 11 CA time.. It was crazy, and the win on monday was even more amazing...

Okies. Sorry this really is long~~ And I didn't even tell you about my days fully!! Ah well. The next time. It's sure great to be back. *hugs hugs hugs* The plane ride home went a lot quicker than the one going out there, so that was great. *hugs jet-stream* Ah, but I still need to get used to things here. My head feels heavy. D: Anyway, thanks a ton for visiting me! <333 I love you guys! I missed you!! I'll get back to commenting normally when I can. :) Take care~~

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