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Friday, September 25, 2009

mah new hair yay
Hello, sweetie-poos. <333 Thank you so very much for all the comments! You're all amazing. ^_^ I love hearing from you guys. I find it funny I either say "hear" or "see" you guys, when I'm really not doing either. O__o I'm READING from you guys. Just sounds weird, lol. Anyhoo, thank you~~ Ulter-chan, emerald, Sam, Raisha, SG, Nana, and Sesshlu!! If I missed anyone, sorry and thanks all the same. All the encouragement is always needed...and don't worry, I'll provide a picture of me today. ^^;; Not in my dress though. XD I can't really take a full-body pic o myself. But yeah, anyway, thank you all so much for everything. I don't know what I'd do without you guys. D:

I'm tired. Thank goodness it's the weekend now. ;__; Too bad I gotta work on things for school...argh. Tuesday will be another terrible day, so I better work ahead on some stuff. >.< My midterm essays are due for world religions then, and I have another ridiculous textiles quiz, and I have a little news article report thing for business...it's an oral report. It's just going to be super short though, so I'm not too worried. Still, that's a lot of things to do! So I guess I'll work on my essays over the weekend. Hmm...what else do I have...oh, organizational behavior exam on wednesday, and I'm assuming something due for ethics soon. *shrugs* This next month will be horribly hectic. T__T What with our trip and all...nooooo...I know lots of you are like, "how come you're worrying so much? You'll probably have fun in CA!" Well, it would be a lot more fun if it weren't during midterms time, and also if the purpose weren't to see my sick grandma. It's going to be stressful...sad and stressful. Sure, we'll do other fun things with my relatives, but overall it's going to be...not so great. And believe me, one of the things I'm most worried about is waking up so freaking early for the flight. >>' And being on a plane for 6+ hours. *sigh* ANYHOOOOOO.

Ok *putting all that aside* today I had economics. Just one, nice easy class. :D I really like that class! ^^; And it's mostly cause of my teacher. She's just so nice and helpful [unlike a certain textiles prof *cough cough die die*]...we got back our exams, and heheeeeeee, I got the highest score. >>' I had a feeling I'd do well on this one, so I kind wasn't surprised. (no, I'm not bragging) I'm good at topics like this...like math and stuff. I didn't used to be, but now I am. I honestly would rather have another math course than stupid textiles. Anyhoo, the test was out of 88 points (not 100?), and I got 87.5!! Lol, AKA I only got a half a point off. XD But our teacher was just so nice and lenient with the grading, like omg. O__O Going by real numbers, if someone got a 44 out of 88, then that would be a 50%, and that is failing...but her grade system for this was so generous! If you got that, you still got a 'C'. She said the average was 59%, and that's really not good...but unlike that aforementioned teacher of mine, she actually offered lots of help and solutions. She genuinely CARED about us and doing well. So yeah...anyway, moral of the story is that I'm happy I did good on it. X3

After that, I was done for the day! Came home, ate and relaxed some, and then it was off to get my hair cut~ ^_^ Ok, so I didn't take the best pic, but whatever. And unfortunately you can't see the back to tell that it's really shorter! Lol so from this it looks almost just like it was before. ^^; She straightened it, like she does, and I think it's cute that way...but I don't regularly straighten my hair at all, so the real test of whether I like it or not is when I shower and get my natural curls back! I hope that it still looks ok. >.< I wanted to get my hair really short...almost boy-style type, but I don't think that'd work for my hair very well, lol, so that's why I got it done like this. Longer in the front, and shorter in the back. HERE is the pic I took. Sorry again it isn't too great! I need to get one from the side so you can see the angle it goes at. D: Oh well. And obviously now you can see my new glasses. And...and...my Yu Darvish calendar/poster. >>

So yesterday I felt pretty down in the dumps, as I posted about on my World. ^^; But today I'm feeling better [at least for now]. Things have just been getting to me! Too much school work, too much stress in other areas of life...all my aches and pains that just won't go away. And something that happened between me and an online friend...but...things have been resolved (??). She replied and said she wasn't mad...I'm not sure if everything is really alright yet, but at least I'm not panicking about whether she'll reply or not. Thanks to those that commented on my world with advice~~ It means a lot to me.

Hm, yes, so yesterday was a bleh day for me, but it's fine. We all have days like that...some have them more than others. XD Um, I had world religions, and omg...we covered Shintoism. Uh...yeah, no, not really. This is how it ALWAYS is in my schools! Whenever we get to Japanese history or anything that has to do with Japan, they cover it in like 10 minutes, and they don't do it well, that's for sure!! Why does Japan always get the short end of the stick when we get to them in the curriculum?? ;__; It's not fair! Of course it's like the one subject I'd want to really learn about. :/ And no, none of my schools ever had Asian studies! Now that's REALLY retarded. D: But at the same time, I'm glad that they skip over it fairly quickly because I can't stand their horrid pronunciations. Like WTF. At least TRY to find out how they're freaking pronounced!! It annoys me so much. We watched a little video about shinto, and it was actually originally French but then dubbed in english, and even then the narrator sucked at pronouncing them. He'd start with saying "Izanami" and "izanagi" right, but then all of a sudden...he was saying it with a long 'i' sound like "eye-sa-nah-me." Oh, and yeah, wtf a Z doesn't sound like an S...lol. I wish that I could get a decent education in Japanese history/religion/anything, but my area is so devoid of anything. Idiots!!!

After class, we went to Walmart and got my glasses adjusted. The lady that helped me was so super freaking nice, I loved her. <333 Gah! Like I talked to her as if we were friends or something!! O__O I never talk comfortably with people like that...like employees at stores or whatever. I just don't. But she was so nice, and I even asked her stuff to help out with my presentation I have to do on walmart...but too bad she couldn't give me any good info. She even asked her manager for me~~ Haha, but apparently Warlmart is full of deep, dark secrets that they can't tell outsiders cause I got squat!! XD After that we went right on over to Sam's Club and visited Corey at work. They had him in the pharmacy section this time, lol. He said he was busy so we promptly left. The end.

Ugh my head hurts too much right now to write anymore. Gomen. DX And I feel like I've been writing this post for 5 hours cause I've been doing other things online at the same time. I think it's actually been 2 hours...crap. ^^;; Thank you for putting up with me! *hugs* I love you guys. <33 Sorry if this post is...either really long or short or boring!!I can't gauge it right now. I need to go rest my eyes...muhyaaa. Take care, everyone!! Best of luck to all of you with everything.

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