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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

titles rawwrrrrr
Hello!!! Wow, I LOVE YOU GUYS. How have you been? I can't believe I got so many comments. ^^;; You're all so sweet. :) Sam, jamo, Yug, Anna, Deb (it's been a while!!), ulter-chan, Reki, Kim, fma, SG, Sesshlu (it's been forever~~ *hugs*), emerald, Nana, and Anis (so nice hearing from you as well~ I hope your travels go well!). Did I get all of you?? D: I hope so! Cause wow, there were a lot. <33 Thank you for all the encouragement with my classes and all. Also, for showing interest in my challenge~ Anna, it just has to do with sports, anime or not! :) Hah, sorry I didn't show you a pic of me with my new ones...I just can't stand pictures of myself! ^^;; Maybe next time. Uh, but yes, I'm getting well adjusted to the new prescription, but the frames themselves aren't too comfortable...so I need them adjusted more. >< Anyhoo, thank you so very very much for everything!

Gosh, it's felt like forever since I last posted. I know it hasn't been, but it's long for me. XD 5 days or something? But yeah, such is the way of my schedule this semester. Other times I'd get more time in between classes to come here to the library and post...but not this time. Oh well. I'm sure you guys don't mind. ;3 Lol, not having to read 6 page essays everyday. Haha. XD Just think, I used to post every single day. And yes, my posts would usually be just as long. I stopped posting everyday...probably a year or so ago. I felt soooo guilty when I wouldn't post. XD I know, like WTF right?? How stupid of me!! I was obsessed. I still think I'm obsessed with the site, to a point. Cause I feel it necessary to come on at least once a day to at least check who updated and glance at stuff. I don't like feeling left out of the loop. >>' But I'm content with how I do things now. How about you guys? Do you feel weird not visiting everyday? Or posting often or not often? I mean, yeah, it's just a website...not LIFE itself, but I've made so many wonderful connections with you guys that you've become a part of my life. ^_^

Yes, I'm in the library, but omg, I'm on the bottom level. D: I usually go upstairs, but all the computers were taken. Well, it's nice down here...really quiet, too. *opens little bag of BBQ chips* >_> That seemed REALLY LOUD. Lol. I'm such a nuisance. XD Cause I'm always eating in class or in the library, and I like having each thing in little baggies [I pack my lunch...my mom makes my lunch still]. So I'm always making noise. Hahaa. Anyhoo, I just had economics. Had our first test. It was supposed to cover chapters 1-3, but we didn't finish 3, so it was just 1 and 2. It wasn't bad at all. ^^ I studied a lot more than I thought I would last night...so I hope I did ok. Sometimes when I think I do really well, I end up doing not so well. :/ Sooo...we'll see! My friend Madii isn't going to come to classes anymore. She needs to get her schedule reworked because she's missed so much from being sick. I did finally get a reply from her though! [which is how I found out] She's feeling better; she had some kind of really weird and powerful virus, but now it's going away...thank goodness. I'm glad it wasn't like the swine flu or something. O__O Yes, another test done! No, it wasn't the midterm though...I'm not sure when that midterm will be. I'm not worrying about it yet though. XD One day at a time. That's my mantra! I gotta take everything one day at a time or else I'll freak out about the things in the future.

Cause I don't like the future. >.<

I'm wearing that cute turquoise dress I got at the Levi's store this summer. I've got my black jeans on underneath, and I THINK IT IS CUTE. >D I love how this dress fits me! Provided it IS like the only dress I have, lol. Too bad no one ever notices me. I don't like being the center of attention, but I sure like compliments (who doesn't?). Not even the girls in my fashion class that I thought were my "friends" say anything. :/ I'm always hearing them compliment each other. Oh well. It's definitely not a big deal...but it just adds more doubt in my mind that they even think of me as a friend. Remember Jess and Erica? We'd talk all the time last year, but that was cause they'd need my help in classes...this year, we don't even say hi, despite sitting right near each other. *sigh* Ahhhhh weellllll, I don't need friends. >> I just focus on my work while at school, get it done, go home, and then absorb myself in my own little world.

Sorry. XD I know I said that a lot before. I'll stop now!! Anyhoo, yesterday I had world religions, textiles, and business management!! As you may know, I had another textiles quiz, an exam in BM, and we were given our topics for our midterm essay in WR. Fun stuff. It was a horribly long day. So the essay's due next tuesday...it's either choose 2 of the 3 smaller essays and write them, or do the one longer one. I'm thinking of doing the 2 shorter ones. :/ In textiles, the quiz...was stupid as usual. I studied SO much the night before. I studied a lot more than I usually do for it--I took notes, too!! Before I was just reading the chapter and that's it. So we'll see if it helped, but I still think I got some wrong. And "some wrong" tends to bring your grade down to failing. So yay. Lol, I just LOVE complaining about that class...it's one of the only topics of conversation I have with the girls from my class. XD It's something we have in common! Ahah. And then the business test...well, it wasn't what I thought. ^^;; I basically BS-ed the entire thing, lol. I didnt really understand how to connect the questions to the article she gave us...it was all short answer/essay, so yeah. I just made a lot of stuff up. Let's hope she likes how I made stuff up! As long as what I said made some kind of sense, I should be ok.

When I got home from school yesterday, it was baseball time. XD Yesterday my Phillies had a double-header (2 games played in one day), and this time it started at 4:10pm and then the second game started around 7:30! So they didn't get any rest in between. Lol, and I didn't get any rest from watching, haha. But during it, I did have to study for economics...which I did a lot. O__O I swear I did nothing but study! Phillies won the first game, but they lost the second one. The first one was amazing...but the second...it was so different. I mean, maybe they were just so tired from playing the first, lol, but that didn't affect the Marlins. Oh well. Splitting the 2 games was fine. :3 After all, they're still in first~~ I won't go into details, but this series is very important! So I hope they win tonight! Haha, but yeah, wow...that was like, what, 6 hours of baseball last night? XD I HAVE NO LIFE.

Tonight I have this stupid textiles assignment to do...it will probably take a while. Don't expect a lot of comments from me again. ^^; I'm sorry~~ *hugs* Ugh, I really need to plan when I'll do all of these things...studying, essays, presentation prep...argh!! And then in a couple weeks if our trip to CA, and I don't want to go. .___. I can't wait for October to be over with!!!

Oh wait. It's not even october yet. CRAP. I can't wait for september to be over and then october over with even more quickly. Darn it!

Alrighty. I better end this now. I know it's probably really boring and stuff, but I gotta get to class. ;__; Christian ethics and then organizational behavior. Fun stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Take care~~~

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