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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 of a kind! It's 09/09/09! D:
Hi there, people! *hugs* Thank you all veryveryvery much for all the comments. ^_^ You're too amazing. TOO AMAZING. >D Arigatou to all of you! Yug, omg, welcome back again. You returned to me! *__* I'm glad that you're sticking with the Padres. Since that's where my family moved from, I must say they're like my second home team. XD Kind of. But forever Phillies in my heart. <3 Thanks to wallie, Char, pickle, Zatsu (welcome? Are you a new friend?? I don't remember you!!), Cynthia, and anna!! :) Thanks for all the "happy birthdays" to my mom. And for the reminiscing about the old myO site! The glory days. ;__; Well, we just have to deal with what it is now, and I'm fine with it. I've gotten used to it all, and I like it. ^^ So yeah, thanks to all my sweet friends!! <33

OMG it took forever to get on the site! I'm in my school's library, and apparently all the computers are having speed problems. ~__~' VERY VERY SLOW. So people have been computer-hopping, hoping that another one would be faster, lol. Not working out too well. XD I love sitting at this computer (I tend to be on the same one) and then turning people away from the one next to me. "Sorry, this one is really slow. It hasn't worked well...others have tried and left. You can try if you WANT though." Haha. But it's the absolute truth. As you guys know, I don't lie. I'm a terrible liar. *shrugs* But now it's working...maybe. That is, the one I'm on at least got me to log into theO, so that's good enough! In the mean time, gmail worked so I was replying to a friend's email. I'm sooo terrible at replying to emails. T__T If you send me one, the estimated time of receiving a reply is 2 weeks+. >>'

Yesterday an online friend of mine, Aya (some of you might remember her as Jangalian), commented on my myspace. Lol, I haven't used that site in well over a year...I might've checked it briefly some time in the past year, but officially, I hadn't done anything since 2007. She started yelling at me to come online, and I kept telling her I never go on there! XD I just don't. And I don't have a facebook or twitter. I sound like a hermit when I'm clueless about those things, lol. This is the only site I'm consistent with in checking and replying! [PM's not so much though.] I have several IM accounts, but I rarely use them anymore either. ^_^; I love reading the newspaper everyday (just the sports though lol)...I sound like such an OLD PERSON. D:

So if you read my last post on my World, you'd see that my mom did have a nice birthday! So thanks! Well, a nice one except for the cake that smelled and tasted like nail polish. XD What did I say before? I said I'd bake her one, but no. I warned her not to get one from a bakery!! Haha, oh, it was so gross. Oh yeah, and my glasses should be ready in a week or something. I can't wait to get my new frames! Char, I've worn glasses for 8 or 9 years of my life now, and I like them. :) I don't thin kit's weird feeling...I'd probably feel naked without them!

Ugh, my face won't stop itching. I hate this stupid allergic reaction crap. :/ My textiles class makes it the worse, and other random products. *sigh* So now my face is like covered in irritations. They look like pimples, but no, it's not acne or anything. It's just horrible though...and I can't find anything to give relief!! .__. Bah. And of course, poor mommy was the first one to get these reactions. Anyhoo...today I've had economics. It was interesting...we just learned some formulas. *laugh* For some reason, I seem to like math-related things more lately. Engaging my brain in calculations makes me feel gooood. XD Um, after this nice little break, I have ethics and OB. I'm looking forward to taking my rare glances at the cute guy in ethics, and I'm not looking forward to the slow, boring pace of OB (organizational behavior). Our prof is old and so hard of hearing. We give him an answer, and every time it's, "What? Excuse me. Could you say that again?" *SHOUTS LOUDER* "WHAT???" XD And I don't really talk to many people in that class, despite me knowing all them fashion girls. I think Erica and Jess have given up on considering me a "friend." Until I can help them with a test or homework or whatever, I'm nonexistent.

Yesterday I had...a busy day! World religions, textiles, and business management. WR was just weird as usual. Our prof is a total nut-job. Textiles was terrible cause of my allergic reaction to all the freaking fabrics...and cause we had another quiz. It pisses me off. How is taking a quiz before being taught the chapter helpful? How? HOW? HOW???? Biatch. She just doesn't get it. It isn't that easy to read a chapter once through and be able to understand it and somehow know it enough to take a quiz. Studying on our own doesn't really cut it, lady. I don't suppose the grades would be of any indication? The first quiz was fine. I got a 100, and the average was 81. Second: average was 55% (failing, anyone?) and I got a 75 (worse than I do). And my quiz yesterday...I got a 70 (WTF), and the average was 52%. LOL. When the class average is failing, I don't really see the point in these quizzes!! What is she thinking? "Ah yes. I want all my students to do poorly! No A's for you!" *rolls eyes* I can't stand that class.

I had a test in business. First we chose groups for one of the many group projects and discussed it. :/ Then had the test...it was open book, but it was all short-answer and essays! So it wasn't exactly easy. ~__~'' Lol, I think I did OK...but jeez there was a lot of writing. I went right up to the end, and most people did, too. Some didn't finish so she at least let them take it home to do. Just wow. I was tired of writing...

Phillies won last night. Broke that 4 game losing streak. Though it was another scary game that could've gone down the toilet. You'd think hitting 5 homeruns in the one game would help you out, lol. But it comes down to pitching.

Alrighty. I should probably go now...gotta go to class soon. *hugs* Take care, my dears!! <33

edit: Changed my theme! I had to coordinate with my Estelle avi, lol. >>' Nice and light looking!

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