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Thursday, July 30, 2009

You know, my long ramblings of my day. Oww my teeth! T__T Darn cavities...
Oiisu~! Hi there, my dears. ^_^ Arigatou for all the comments last time. *hugs* You're all sooooo great. I appreciate that you guys put up with my annoying topics and just crap overall. Man, I'd hate to be you guys! *laugh* Having to deal with my posts. XD Sorry~~ But thanks. Nana, Cassie (you were close! my eyes are green), Reki, Anna-chan, wolf-chan (it's been quite a while! welcome back~), Britty, jamo, and sparkle~ Hah, I see that a lot of you girls don't bother with makeup! I thought I was alone in that. O__o Really, I did. Same with shaving, lol. I guess I don't know much about girls, despite being one. Haha, but yeah, thanks a lot for the comments. :) Both here and on my world!

Woooo...ok. I'm tired. I so wish I could freaking sleep without sleeping pills. v__v Every night I get really worried when I have to go to sleep! I swear I must have some kind of paranoia. *sigh* But my mom doesn't think so. She doesn't "believe" in mental things like that...or at least she doesn't believe that meds or doctors will really help. :/ I think I mentioned that before. Anyhoo...it's not like I want meds or anything, but jeez, I'm tired of having every night be so stressful!

*yawns* And today in itself was stressful. ~__~ If you saw my post on theO, then you know I had to go to the dentist today! To get a cavity filled. My dentist told me before that it was just a really tiny one so it would be filled super quick and it wouldn't hurt so no anesthesia would even be necessary! Ok, well, dentists lie. One, it wasn't quick. She said, "Oh, you'll just come in someday when you have 15 minutes or something. It will be fast." It took roughly and hour+. Two, it wasn't that small. Though when I got there today she even said, "I just see a little shadow on the x-ray. It might not even be a cavity!" *rolls eyes* If it were small, it wouldn't have taken so freaking long. Three, it HURT. She didn't numb me, even though I wanted to be still, even if she said it wouldn't hurt. "It won't hurt, so don't worry. I don't like numbing anyway, and lots of people get this done without." *sigh* Sure, she doesn't like numbing...uh-huh...

So anyway, at least it's over with. Bah, it still hurts though...all the digging and drilling! T__T Stupid cavities. I always get them! My dentist said that she NEVER got any, even in her childhood...well, no wonder she didn't mind getting into the field. >>

After the filling, mom and I went to the mall. ^_^v I gotta get some prizes after that! *laugh* Went to the Levi's store to see if they still had any shorts on sale; unfortunately, they did, but they didn't have any of the kinds I liked. :/ The ones they had didn't really fit me well. Darn, so I still only have but one pair, lol. Um, but I did get a couple things! A pretty hoodie-type shirt (so yeah, it has a hood and two little pockets, but it's like a t-shirt, black) and a turquoise dress! O__O I don't buy dresses. I have like...one dress, and I wear it maybe twice a year, lol. So this is probably the girliest thing I have now. >> I tried to find a pic of it online, but it's nowhere to find! Uh, but it has spaghetti straps that you tie in back, and the top part is like the stretchy sorta ruffly look...and the bottom has a flounce. Anyway, I thought it was really cute, and it actually looked good on me! XD So I wonder when I'll wear it! ^^; OMG. First eyeliner and now dresses. Am I finally becoming a real girl??

Oh, and my nails are pink. :D Painted them the other day. My toe nails are hot pink, and my fingers are light pink~~ Hehe. Also, a lot of you that said you don't wear eyeliner or anything like that also mentioned shaky hands! Like omg, me too!! ;___; I have such shaky hands...the most unsteady hands EVER. I really can't hold them up without them shaking...so I actually had my mom do my nail painting (I did do my toes, but gawd that was horrible!), and it was really tough to do the eyeliner. XD Sister Denise (if you remember, she was my sewing prof) would always remark on my hands, lol. "Are you scared or something?? I'm not that intimidating! You're shaking like a leaf, girl!" Haha, oh Sister Denise. She's amazing. But yeah, stupid shaky hands...makes it hard to do sewing, that's for sure!

Aside from the clothes, we went to Borders and I got a new book and one manga (Petshop of Horrors Tokyo vol.5). The book is by the same author as the ones I was reading before and loved! ^_^ Oh but jeez, it was embarrassing going into that store. I had on my Death Note shirt, and that creepy guy that was the cashier last time...was there again. ~__~ And so he started talking to me, "Oh, so you're a Death Note fan! Then I guess you know about the American live action they're thinking of doing. blah blah blah blah" Oh jeez. I wanted to run away! The guy is so freaking creepy--he has dreadlocks, and I swear he sounds like he's always high. I really didn't catch most of what he said...so I nodded my head and pretended like I knew. >.< Thankful that he went away, we checked out. But then the guy that helped us was equally creepy. O_O Hippie alert! Long stringy hair, huge glasses, long beard...and then he asked me about Petshop of Horrors. Great. Let's just say I wasn't too inclined, but I went ahead anyway. Ugh, I'm totally anti-social when I go out, and I honestly don't like talking anime with other people, lol. Online, fine, but not IRL. A big reason why I guess I haven't ever gone to a con before.

Yup-yup...after that, we came home. And then dad and I washed his car! It was really fun. :) We had on our swimming suits so we kept spraying each other, lol. It's really hot today so it felt nice. XD Nice and fun! Haha! Oh, yesterday Corey and I got our Pullip dolls~~~ They're just as cute as the pics! I love them!! ^__^ Dad was sorta making fun of corey for "playing with dolls," but he also thought they were high quality and detailed. Yes, really cute. I love their outfits...gah, so cool~ If you don't know what I'm talking about, go a few posts back (archives) and you'll see pictures of them. <3

I found this group the other day: The Postal Service. I really like their songs...they're a bit weird at times, but they're pretty cool. XD Sorry for the crappy video. There's seriously no good ones.

*hugs* Alrighty, I'll stop bothering you now!! I really don't know how you guys can read my posts. ^^; I commend you all. ♥ I'm sorry! But I'll keep trying to be a good friend, and now and angelite! Yes, I'm an Otaku Angelite now...hoooraaaay. Arigatou all! Take care~

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