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HI, I'm a major anime fan and I love just about all of the animes I can get my hands on.....and....MY AVATAR IS NAKED!!!

"In a love life there will be thorns, but a life with no thorns there will be no roses..." - author I don't know but I bet they're really kewl! sry, i had a moment....


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

This sucks. Me and my friend Monica were going to the movies with her new boyfriend and mine and mine got grounded last night. He snuck out and got caught and got hurt and he's grounded for who knows for how long. He's grounded from the phone, computer, can't go anywhere or have someone come over, and I can only see him and talk to him at school. But he's gonna call me at night when everyone is asleep, so I'm going to be really wiped out by the time we got off the phone cuz I'm not nocturnal. I just gotta get over it though, dangit. Maybe I can still hopefully go to the movies though.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter
Happy Easter everybody! Well, yesterday was pretty interesting. Yesterday drpepperules got to meet my grandma and my grandma is DIFFERENT, lol. My grandma swears like a sailor, goes "commando style", smokes, and drink beer. They liked each other thank goodness, lol. And then we went to my friends house and listened to music and me and my friend were doing our "ghetto" dancin, it was fun. But right now I'm really bored and listening to music videos. I've been jammin today! lata
angel chik 2010

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Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm sick, but I'm not doing much except watching Phantom of the Opera. It's a pretty sweet movie...I love it to death! I've seen it about 9 times. Beware! I've made everyone watch it! YOU MIGHT BE NEXT! (and most of them hated it! haha) lata
angel chik 2010

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