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hey everyone im AndrewH and im new around but my buddy lvinkagome2005 is helpin me out...ok so enjoy my site!!

hey guys this is my site dont forget to sign my gb and enjoy my site for as long as u stay..ok enjoy!!

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

...its early in the morning i snuk on my computer...i wont get busted everyone is asleep!...i missed you all to much to leave...i tried to get on...but i kept getting caught or my internet was down!...how have you guys been!...i can stay for too long i dont wanna be caught!well im glad to see you all again!well i gtg before anyone wakes up!well have a good day bye!...i will see for the next time i get on ok well bye!
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

its been a while guys.....well im sorry to day this but i cant believe i have to do this too!='( i have to quit the otaku! ....nothin else to say i have to go now :'( forever.....thanks for all the ppl who came to my site and im sorry i have to go....i haven't been on because my computer was destroyed ='( during a thunderstrom the power cut out and my whole hardrive crashed! and by the time i got it to work....everything was deleted....my parents blame me and told me i can only use it for school use now....but i loved to see you guys one last time.....bye
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Friday, May 26, 2006

hey everyone hows it going? havent writen or posted anything in a while so anyway in my last post i made i was talking about my board site!well now if you go there you can talk about games and t.v shows...also you can enter your artwork too so plz check it out heres the address


so if you can visit and sign up for it!plz i really need some new people to join and talk about anime stuff and other stuff they wanna talk about!so plz come and check it out its like a dead board but if you all sign up believe me it wont be such a dead board anymore! so when you have to time check it out plz!OK THATS ALL BYE!

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