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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hallooooo. :3

Guess What? I'm Watching Nabari No Ou.

Cool, Huh? :D

It's Really Good!! x3 Better Than I Expected... The Art Really Reminds Me Of Loveless, For Some Reason... IT'S ALL MODERN NINJA STUFFFF! 8D Annnnnnnnd.

I Think The Teacher's Hot? <_<;


Well, On Another Nooooote;

I Didn't Get To Go To Taste Of Chaos This Year. Bah. D: My Friend Lied To Me, And Didn't Really Get Me A Ticket... And I Couldn't Go With Her Brother. >.< Gah. It's Okay, Though. :3 I Still Am Going To ANIME BOSTOOOOON <33333333

Oh. Oh. :0 I Just Saw The Pink Panther Teeeewh.

And It Was Pretty Good. xD I Was Laughing Obnoxiously In The Theater...

Sounds Like Fun, Eh?


I Keep Making Large Spaces Between Sentances.

I Wonder If Anyone's Noticed.

Sorry That I Just Wasted A Few Minutes Of Your Life With Rambling. Haha. :3

:0 Love You Guuuuys!

Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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