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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Music: Three Cheers For Five Years ~ Mayday Parade.
Mood: Nostalgic.
Time: 5:37

One More Time.

I Want To Keep This Site Alive. So I'm Trying Again.

Don't Yell At Me For Being Fickle. I Can't Help It...

MyOtaku Is Like My Home, I Can't Stay Away From It For Long.

/:What's Being Going On In My Life As Of Late:\
~I Admitted To Myself That I Loved A Girl. Not Just Any Girl Either, A Girl Who I Knew Would Never Love Me. I've Realized That I'm Usually Not Happy Because I Set Myself Up For Dissapointment.
~I've Been Trying To Get Good Grades In School, To No Avail. I Still Suck Epicly At Liffffe'.
~I'm Kind Of, Sort Of, Obsessed With Mayday Parade.
~Valentines Day Bloooows. But We All Know That.
~I Really, Really Need To Pee Right Now.

And Huzzah, My Boring, Un-eventful Life As It's Been.

Cheers. <3

Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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