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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Emo is dead.
It is.
just. stop. Labeling yourself Emo.
First of all, it doesn't even mean "emotional".
Do half of these kids know what the fuck emotive means?
I'm sorry. I'm in a cynical ranty mood.
School fucked me over xD lol.
My heaven is art class. I love using charcoal.
We are doing still life.
My German teacher is hawt. Like. Sehr, Sehr haawwwt xDDD
Im taking algebra 1.
For the second time.
I read. a lot.
Homework scares me. Im in CP science with all of the un-motivated junkies and learning empaired children.
I love that class. Makes me feel smart :]]]
World History is a fun class, but I allways get paired up with the guys who dump the work on me. ugh.
And English? The clock speeds by, but ohsomuch homework Dx
PE is a nightmare.
I have to run two miles tomorrow.
And god, I hate the kids there.
I just. do.
MyOtaku is my place to rant.
I love yooh guuysss :3333

Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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