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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day.
Be prepared for its epicness.

5:30- woke up, dragging my half-dead corpse across the vast expanses of the hallway to bathe my unwashed body. And thus, the adventure begins.

6:48- waiting for the bus that is supposed to come at 6:55

6:57- no bus.

7:09- no bus.

7:14- there is still no bus.

7:26- And lo and behold! No bus. So before I was late, I begged my dad to drive me to school.

7:35- arrive. Go down the busses only lane on accident. Almost get run over by an old lady driving a large yellow contraption.

7:40- stumble my way into the Auditorium, where I was told to wait in by and old lady. Kathryn shows me her amazing Twilight fanart and Gerard Way being all sexy. That was the highlight of my day.

8:00- stumble into my german home room where the teacher attempts to motivate 20 half-dead children into conversation. Of course, we are put into seating arrangements by alphabetical order, putting me in the back. Sitting next to a boy who stares at my boobs constantly and a person next to me with a beard. Yes, my friends. A freshman with a beard. Indeed I was frightened.

Well, as a brief outline of my day, I ran from locker to the classes filled with people I do not know, stumbling wildly about while I gracefully spill the contents of my bag out into the hallways while people laugh and kick my books. I fearlessly faced two classes with Aurora Doehring's horrid glares of disgust and Gannon's "scene" comments from behind me in the study period, in which we had nothing to do. I got my schedual confused, because we have A-G days and 1-6 weeks. All containing different class orders. And different classes, depending on the letter day and number week. So I ended walking into a girl's locker room filled with seniors half naked. That was plesantly awkward <___< Then, after being ten minutes late for science class, just figuring out where to go, I asked some seniors where room 206 was, they pointed me in the complete wrong direction [I totally should have seen that coming >_>]. I sit in the front of my math class, because my previous teacher had "talked" to this new one.

It actually wasn't that bad, though. But. I would just prefer not going back tomorow.
or. ever.

How was your days? :D

Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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