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Started this 09/13/03 and still here lmao. Still into anime too. Not something one ever falls out of love with in my opinion. I can’t believe this site is still operational. Of course it doesn’t seem like anyone uses this community anymore…definitely none of my old friends on here. Well if anyone still out there dont be shy drop a line or a comment. Shit aint change its still Chicago North Side till the death of me.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

   Decided to stop by for shits & giggs
Wow….cannot believe this is still here. Started this 09/13/03…i was 12….im about to be 32. Didnt think id even get in. The mind is a wonderful thing for remembering not only my screenname but even more amazingly, my password. What to say? Lmao pretty sure the people that were on here with me have moved on a decade ago. Well im juss passing by and checking in letting yawl know the spirit samurai Amidamaru still roams this world with no purpose. Dun be shy drop a hello if ur one of the day 1’s still out here.
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Sunday, September 14, 2003

   This stinks
This completely sucks!!! I went to Osco drug to get my shonen jump #10 and it wasn't there.
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