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Friday, February 24, 2006

Dayum I havent been here in such a long time...jus been soo bzzy. Well basketball season is over now and I waz gonna do softball but decided not anymore...anywayz I am suspended cuz i got in a fight even tho it waz self defense but w/e my skool suz anywayz. I am waiting to hear from the OAKLAND SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS if I got in. Its a really good middle school high school. I hope i did get in tho cuz I am jus hating the military school that I go 2 and the ppl there are 2 imature. Ok wellz sorry I havent been here for a while jus been mad about a lot of stuff and havent really wanted to express it on here....cuz it waz jus 2 personl. I hope all of u guyz had a great VALENTINES DAY...I DIDNT GET ANYTHING OH WELLZ..! Aiight byeZ!
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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving was kinda FUN!!
Well my Thanksgiving was fun I went with my family to a friend of the familys HOUSE!! The food was great, but I didnt really eat that much wierd huh lol....and I luv eating usually to. Anyways today I woke up early and went to the after thanksgiving sale at KHOLES and I bought three new shirts they are really pretty and I am happy with my choices. Then I went to my friend Amelia's house and we went shopping wow LOTS OF SHOPPING IN ONE DAY HAHA!! Then we went to starbucks and I got a frapucciono and then we went to a bookstore and I looked at some manga I didnt buy any though cuz I didnt have enough money...too bad. Then I just went back to her house with her and we just played the game UNO I like that game its actually quite enjoyable haha. Then I went with my sister to a friends BIRTHDAY PARTY that was fun and then I got home finally at 9:30 pm at night sooo yea I had a kinda busy day today! Ok well hope you guys have a great weekend and I hope your thanksgiving was great peace~~

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

   Basketball ahhh!!
Hey hope u guys have been doing GREAT!! I have been doing ok...yesterday my basketball team had a game and we didnt do very good again and this team was pretty good as well and they were at like the Varsity level and my teams at like JV level...so it was hard to play against them. A lot of the girls on that team were taller then me to soo they have that advantage over our team. Anyways school has been going ok...I had 4 tests today and it was a minimum day so I didnt have that much time to actually finish my tests soooo I hope that I did OK on them. I hope that you guys will have a great Thanksging and a great BREAK frm school. I am gonna eat a lot....hope I dont get hecka fat...lol!! Have a great day peace~~~

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