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Yo peoples!!! It's Evey back in da house lol just kidding anyways...what's up how ya doin and i hope you enjoy your stay ;-) Oh and don't forget to leave a comment on my guestbook *winks and blows kisses*

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   i think...
I don't know but it's been a while since i've written in this thingy but usually i only write in here when something happends... and now something has happend and i don't know what to do about it... i mean there's this girl... her name is Nokita and i really think i'm close to being in love with here if i'm not already in love with her. I told her one night that i was in love with her but now that i think about it i really don't know if i'm in love with her or just love her or what *sheds a tear*. i mean what do i do? how do i tell her that i'm really not sure about things? How do i tell her that i really want to be with her and spend time with her? how do i tell her that she's important to me and that right now if i were to lose her i'd lose a part of myself? how do i know she'll be there when i finally make up my mind? what will she say and think? i have so many questions i want to ask her i don't know what to do... i just need to sit down and talk to her huh? just have a nice long conversation with her and see how she really feels about me and that should solve all of my problems and when and where? i know it should be in person but i don't know when the proper time and place is know what i mean? if someone out there reads this feel free to add a comment or too about this and help me out here please.... *huggles and lix everyone that reads this*
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