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Hey on this site u can do quizes and look at awesome pictures!!

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Oh and please please remember to comment my posts(no matter how dumb they are...)Also im just a average girl thats a clutz!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

   Ive been on like never!

Ok well ill try to make this one l;ong but i dont have a lot of time before i have to go to a Prep football game with my friend Julie then shes sleeping over and then we have basketball tomorrow morning!then later that day i go to her house with my brother for like 2 hours..u know why well my coach for basketball is takeing our parents out for dinner and me and my brother and her and her brother are gonna have her house to us!!no parents..YAY!!!but i hope they dont lock us in a closet!!that would be bad...LOL well i won my firsat basketball game and got 4th place out of 8 teams ina tournament..YAY us!!well im sorry i cant make this longer..ill try to update more to you guys.....

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Monday, September 3, 2007

   OK im havent been on

Srry i havent been on..been busy doing stuf like...basketball and school and homework and studying and crap like that..i cant really edit today srry!o well i think youll live! im soo bored adn i cant wait for school tomorrow oops well g2g buh bye

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